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woodEach piece of this stair is truly crafted by hand in our on-site woodshop. With over a dozen wood options from which to choose and a wide variety of design choices for balusters, tread profiles, and other components, matching your space perfectly is a simple matter with this staircase. Our unique build also ensure zero metal is visible on the stair, ensuring a genuinely all wood look.

The Configurable All Wood Spiral works great for:

Uses: Indoor | Living Room | Loft
Styles: Traditional | Rustic | Unique
Price Tier: Tier 3 [$$$] | Tier 4 [$$$$]

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Tread Profiles

Choose between the two tread options to find the right profile for your All Wood Spiral Stair.

  • Standard Code Solid wood tread with closed end

  • Long Curved Elegant profile with closed end


With different sizes and shapes available, your solid wood handrail can be designed to match your space's style.

  • Solid Wood 2" Round Standard solid wood 2" handrail

  • Solid Wood 3" Round Standard solid wood 3" handrail

  • Solid Wood 3" Bead & Finger Groove Shaped solid wood 3" handrail

Baluster Group

Customize your stair with either solid wood balusters or groupings of ornate iron spindles.

  • Wooden Standard Standard solid wooden baluster

  • Wooden Tapered Tapered solid wooden baluster

  • Wooden Fluted Fluted solid wooden baluster

  • Wooden Twist Carved twist wooden baluster

  • Wooden Ornate Ornate solid wood baluster

  • Wooden Square Solid wood square baluster

  • Forged Standard Plain Forged Iron baluster

  • Forged Weave Woven design Forged Iron baluster

  • Forged Feather Feathered pattern Forged Iron baluster

  • Forged Ball Double cage Forged Iron baluster

  • Forged Ornate Twist Twisted Forged Iron baluster

  • Forged Ornate Twisted Scroll Decorative scroll Forged Iron baluster

  • Group 1 - Forged 3 Baluster A pairing of Twist and Weave balusters

  • Group 2 - Forged 3 Baluster A pairing of Feather balusters

  • Group 3 - Forged 4 Baluster A pairing of Cage and Ball balusters

  • Group 4 - Forged 4 Baluster A pairing of Twist and Ornate Scroll balusters

Number of Center Balusters

You can close any large spaces in your stair frame by choosing the number of center balusters on each step.

  • 0

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

Matching Platform Railing

Keep a uniform theme and look thanks to our platform rails using the same handrail and baluster pairing as the rest of your stair.

Wood Species

With over a dozen domestic and exotic species available, finding the perfect wood tone to highlight the beauty of your space is easy.

  • All Wood

Note on Finishes

We leave our wood components in their natural, unfinished state to make it easier for you or your contractor to custom stain/finish your stair to match your existing space.


Find the right entry and exit points for your spiral stair by choosing either a clockwise (Right Hand Up) or a counterclockwise (Left Hand Up) design.

  • Right Hand Up

  • Left Hand Up

Number of Platform Rails

Ensure the safety of your spiral stair with the addition of railing around your landing platforms that are not attached to a wall.

  • Well Enclosure

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