Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Frank was able to expand his bathroom with the space he saved with a spiral

With Paragon Stairs, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to design and install your own custom staircase. We offer a wide range of customizable product options that can help you create a stair that matches your vision. All Paragon staircases are held to strict in-house safety and quality standards. From start to finish, you’ll receive personalized attention and support to help make your staircase installation smooth and easy.

client indoor spiral staircase

The Challenge

Frank originally contacted Paragon to design and purchase a set of straight stairs leading from his garage to his newly renovated man-cave loft in his home in Michigan. But space was at a premium, and he didn’t want to have to sacrifice space in the bathroom below his man-cave to fit the straight staircase he envisioned. He wanted something very sturdy and long-lasting, and most importantly, Frank was looking for a stair solution that would not be too expensive.

The Process

Frank spoke to Sam, one of Paragon’s knowledgeable sales representatives, who helped flesh out the design of his staircase. Sam was the one to suggest a spiral staircase instead of straight, and Frank was very impressed that he was able to put together a design and quote so quickly. Frank said, “I had a really positive experience.” Sam made sure Frank’s stairs spiraled the right way and made sure Frank ended up with a staircase that fit his needs and looked great. With one-on-one help, Paragon’s team made sure that all the measurements Frank provided were accurate so no do-overs would be needed. The new spiral design that they decided on together was a much smaller footprint than the original straight staircase Frank had been considering.

client kid on indoor spiral staircase

The Staircase Design

After switching design paths, from straight to spiral, Frank decided on a Classic Steel spiral with a 6ft diameter. It fit in perfectly with the sort of man-cave loft design in the upstairs space. Frank was very impressed with how perfectly the stairs fit in. The top landing is flush to his existing floor, and it looks and feels wonderful. Each step has a diamond tread pattern on it to prevent slipping, and the handrail is very sturdy. The central pole is the heart of the staircase and keeps everything structurally sound. Because this staircase is indoors, it doesn’t need to be weatherproof, but Frank still wants it to last for years with consistent use. So the Classic Steel option brings everything he needs in terms of durability, style, and safety.

The Results

Frank received his staircase kit fairly quickly and within the timeframe Paragon promised, and he was able to assemble and install it just as he expected. Frank is thrilled with his new Classic Steel Spiral Staircase. He can get to and from his loft with ease, and the style of the staircase fits right in with the existing decor and structure of his garage. Because of the space savings below the loft, he was able to expand his bathroom beyond what he originally thought. And best of all, Frank was impressed by how economical it was to add such a durable and well-designed staircase to his home. He even said that he has already recommended Paragon to several of his friends who need similar projects done.

Why Paragon?

Frank can’t say enough good things about Paragon and about Sam, his sales representative. “It was a total win,” he said. Frank loves how supportive and responsive Sam was. He was able to save him a ton of space by recommending a spiral staircase design instead of the straight version they were originally planning for. With Sam’s help Frank was able to save space for a bigger bathroom below his loft. Frank is very pleased that his stairs came within the promised time frame, and the installation was simple enough to be completed in an afternoon. Frank said he was glad he had a bit of “mechanical aptitude” while he was installing the staircase. It was simple enough and came together just as he expected it to. About the design and structure of the staircase, “Everything is super precision,” Frank said, “I thought it was reasonably priced and did exactly what it was supposed to do … I’ve got nothing but good things to say.”

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