Frequently Asked Stair Questions

Buying a stair is an involved process and a sizable investment for your home. It can also be a time-consuming undertaking. Because Paragon understand these and other factors, we feel it’s important that you get it right the first time.

Staircase Design Process

Staircase Ordering

We recommend ordering your staircase as soon as possible. At least 4 weeks prior to planned installation time. Allow more time for custom jobs.

Indoor vs Outdoor Staircases

For indoor, you can use whatever material you want to suit your aesthetic. For outdoor, you want to stick to the more weather and corrosion resistant materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, and select woods.

Multilevel Staircase

We have multistory model staircases for spiral and straight to fit your needs.

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Staircase Specifications

Staircase Measurements

There are a lot of factors that play into this, and it depends on if you’re getting a spiral or straight staircase. Primarily, you want to know things like rise, run, footprint, floor-to-floor height, diameter, and other dimensions.

Staircase Finish Options

We offer standard black and white for both powder coating and prime. We also offer custom colors from anywhere on the Pantone perfect spectrum or RAL color matching systems.

Staircase Code

All of our staircase lines have available options to configure them in such a way where they meet code. Check with your local building authority to find out exactly what your region’s code is.

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Staircase Shipping and Installation

Staircase Delivery

Your staircase will ship via common carrier directly to the address you give us on the day you choose.

Staircases Installation Time

Our kit staircases can be installed over the course of just a weekend by two average homeowners.

Installation Tools

All tools necessary to install our staircases are included in your package, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

Shipping Cost

During our one-on-one design consultation sessions, we’ll ask for your shipping zip code and give you an accurate estimate so you can add that to your total cost on the spot to avoid any surprises later.

Shipping Locations

We ship anywhere within the Continental United States.

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Staircase Maintenance & Care

Galvanized Staircase Upkeep

Most leave galvanized steel in its normal battleship gray state. However, you can paint it as well. You just have to wait 6 months for the galvanized steel to “weather” (that’s when it changes from a shiny silver to a battleship gray) and use a zinc rich paint.

Outdoor Steel Staircase

You can put a standard steel staircase outdoors so long as you give it the proper prime, paint, and sealer treatment. However, please keep in mind that this voids any warranty we offer and that you will have to perform regular upkeep/touch ups to prevent the stair from corroding.

Outdoor Wood Components

We offer three different wood species (teak, cedar, and mahogany) that are appropriate for outdoor use.

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We back our stairs with the only lifetime warranty on metal fabrication in the stair industry.

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