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We had a different idea when it came to designing a spiral stair. We asked why is it that great quality can’t be affordable? Who says that has to be “a thing”? If the quality of build is high and we can build lots of it continuously, can’t we just make more stairs (volume, low price) and still have great strength and affordability. Why would these two qualities have to have polarizing connotations? We didn’t think so and neither should you. At Paragon Stairs we offer the most economical and safe indoor and outdoor spiral staircases.


Open, Modern & Minimalistic Stair Design

Our inexpensive spiral staircase prices combined with a safe and attractive stair build cannot be beat. Unlike other spiral stair manufacturers, Paragon offers an open, modern and minimalistic design that fits within your budget. Every Paragon stair is manufactured with 12 gauge steel with heavy duty visible welds handcrafted by Pennsylvania craftsmen and craftswomen. Other spiral stair manufacturers offer clunky stairs with heavy weight steel and blocky features. With Paragon stairs you do not pay more money for the unnecessary frills and bulky attachment hardware that other manufacturers offer.


Engineered to Simplify

Our stairs are engineered for easy installation. We engineered our build with the end user in mind; we wanted to help reduce your cost by making installation so easy that you will not need to pay a contractor for installation services. You will save time AND money with a Paragon stair and if you get stuck during any part of the process, we’ll walk you through! Our spiral staircases are easy to assemble and adjust to various height ranges. Our spiral stairs are great to save space as well as adding an architectural element to any area. We work with all types of customers including home owners and contractors, so please feel free to price our stairs and call us anytime.


Call Our Friendly Customer Service Reps, We're Here to Help You!

We take the spin out of the spiral stair business! Purchasing a spiral staircase isn’t something people do often and we completely understand that. We don't put our customers through a high-pressured sales process, we believe in empowering you with product knowledge so that you can make an informed purchase decision. In addition to education on stairs, our product experts/customer service reps are also trained to help you solve all of your design and space-saving needs. We encourage you and want you to call us with your questions and concerns prior to your purchase. 


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