Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair


Learn more about Paragon Stairs and our wide variety of products. We feature client stories, specific types of stairs, and other fun stair tidbits!

Let’s Take the Next Step Together

Let’s Take the Next Step Together

What is the one part of your house you utilize almost everyday but never think twice about? Not the garage, or the laundry room, it’s your stairs. An important part of the home for many, stairs connect us. So why not design them to fit your decor? Here at Paragon Stairs that’s exactly what we … Continued

Lake House Stairs

Lake House Stair

Not unlike a beach house, a lake house represents a significant investment as a home away from home. Except the purpose of your lake house is to be much more luxurious and relaxing than your year-round residence. That makes having everything in smooth working order—even down to simple functionality for moving between floors—incredibly important. The … Continued

Carriage House & Guest House Stairs

Carriage House Stairs

Vintage Look Because of the history they represent, the prestige typically attached to their name, and their overall level of vintage charm, carriage houses are a very trendy style of structure to convert into residential or other usable space. Practically nobody uses a carriage anymore, but that doesn’t mean these quaint out buildings aren’t perfect … Continued

House Boat & Yacht Stairs

Boat House Stairs

Yacht Stairs A yacht is a large investment, so getting every aspect of it correct, every bolt and weld, is important to you. That includes any means of traveling between decks, so you need a stair that can withstand harsh sea air while upholding the visual level of class you want your yacht to present. … Continued

warehouse apartments

Warehouse Apartments

Industrial Apartment Industrial style apartments have taken off as a trend for several home owners and apartment renters. This popularity is due to several design elements that are necessary in order to pull of an industrial look properly. Examples of these factors are open floorplans, an unfinished or exposed look, bare hardware and other metal … Continued

Finished Garage Spiral Stairs

Finished Garage Stair

Taking the time to finish your garage is an efficient way to add extra, usable space to your home at a relatively low cost. Unlike typical garage remodel or reorganization projects, a finished garage project opens the door to multiple potential uses outside of just storage or rugged work space. And several of those potential … Continued

How to Install a Spiral Staircase

How to Install a Spiral Staircase

DIY Stairs Even if you’re an avid DIYer, the question “how to install stairs” is a lot simpler than the question “how to build stairs.” This is thanks to the fact that there are quality stair kits out there that make putting in a stair on your own a matter of simply installing premade stair … Continued

Winder Stairs (Delayed Spiral Stairs)

Delayed Spiral Staircase

Winder Stairs (Delayed Spiral Stairs) What is a Delayed Spiral? What you may know as a curved staircase may also sometimes have the name “delayed spiral” staircase or winder staircase. Each have the same gentle curving motion to their frame that gives the staircase its graceful and elegant look, which is why this category of … Continued


Staircase Landing Uses

A large staircase landing is a world of opportunity in terms of potential uses. In many instances, your home may have a more modern décor, and therefore, you’ll likely want to keep the staircase landing space empty and open to match that décor. However, you may also want to convert that space to something else … Continued


Mezzanine Stairs Uses

Mezzanine Stairs for Offices Space is a sparse commodity in industrial and manufacturing settings. One solution to save space while still being able to perform every function you need to run your business is to erect a mezzanine in your plant. A mezzanine allows otherwise dead vertical space to act as a functional office. An … Continued

Switchback Staircases & Layouts

Switchback Stairs

What Are Switchback Staircases? Installing the right staircase that satisfies all your needs for a beautiful design and accommodating a high level of foot traffic can be difficult. Especially if you own a multi-floor high-rise and have specific and/or limited square footage to dedicate to any means of transport between floors. A switchback, or “U”-shaped … Continued

Central Office Staircases

Central Office Stair

Build Your Business with a Central Staircase Overcome barriers between your company’s departments through the simple inclusion of an open floor design and a custom built, centrally located staircase that connects every floor. Employers understand that the nature of the workplace is evolving from a series of segmented departments with regulated interactions to a mobile, … Continued

Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends Perfect for a Spiral Staircase

Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends Perfect for a Spiral Staircase

“Small” Look Staircase It’s no mystery that space is at a premium when it comes to real estate, especially in more urban areas. That applies to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Which means any indoor or outdoor design decisions will have to take this fact into account. That entails capitalizing on what many designers call … Continued

Spiral Staircase Height- Solving for Unconventional Spaces

Spiral Staircase Height: Solving for Unconventional Spaces

Conventional Staircase Heights As you go about hunting for the ideal staircase for your next renovation job, there are always several parameters you want to fulfill. So when you go about building your stair, you want the right look to suit your theme, the right materials to meet your usage, and the right structure to … Continued

Square Spiral Staircases

“Square” Spiral Staircases

What is a “Square” Spiral Staircase? For many people, when they think of a “square” spiral staircase, they think of a traditional spiral staircase with angled, cornered treads as opposed to rounded, pie-shaped treads. However, another staircase that may come to mind for many is that of a floating staircase with several platforms that, when … Continued

Spiral Stairs For Firehouse Renovations

Firehouse Renovation Trend and the Application of Space-Saving Spiral Staircases

Staircase Renovation Renovating old buildings for something new and modern takes center-stage for many prospective home owners these days. Transforming old to new offers inimitable excitement for many. Part of any renovation project is the addition of a new staircase suited to the space-saving needs of both the old building and the new owner. While … Continued

How Stairs Ship

How Stairs Ship

Kit Form/Broken Down As you go through the buying process for your staircase, one question that likely pops into mind is how your stairs ship. You spent a great deal of money on the product, so you want to know it receives the proper care during the shipping process. More than zero damage, you want … Continued

Steel Stair with Wood Treads

Steel Stair with Wood Treads

Hybrid Style Tying together a room with a mix of décor either of various styles or time periods can be difficult. A Configurable Steel spiral staircase with solid wood tread covers from Paragon might be the perfect answer to this problem. This is because you want to keep your eclectic setup, so it’s important that … Continued

Spiral Stair Components

Spiral Stair Components

Columns The column is the vertical pole that runs down the center of a spiral stair. It acts as a sort of axis of the rest of the spiral stair and a primary support piece. The columns are the primary support because all of the other spiral stair parts connect to the column. This is … Continued

Old Home, New Stairs

Old Home, New Stairs

Renovation Project Old homes can have a lot of class and charm, but they can also be rife with failing structures such as creaking stairs. Finding a way to replace these stairs while maintaining the home’s charm can be difficult. A solid wood or forged iron spiral stair from Paragon is a great way to … Continued

Rooftop Access Spiral Stairs

Rooftop Access Spiral Stair

Utility Access Staircases Providing access to your commercial building’s rooftop utilities with a staircase that does everything you need is a hard task. You want as much floor space as possible free to enhance the experience of clients in your office or tenants in your apartment building. Paragon helps you accomplish this with industrial strength, … Continued


Small Cabin Stairs

Compact Spiral Staircase Design Finding the right spiral staircase for your small cabin can be difficult. You need a stair that allows you the ability to go up to and down from the cabin’s loft or other second floor space while also maintaining usability for what little space your cabin has. In cases like this, … Continued

IBC Compatible Spiral Staircases

IBC Spiral Staircase

Why Do You Need an IBC Spiral Staircase? Paragon provides spiral staircases for a broad number of needs both residential and commercial. In most cases, our buyers have greater freedom of choice in terms of designing their spiral staircase, however there are times when building regulations determine several aspects of the staircase from overall spiral … Continued

Basement Spiral Stairs

Basement Spiral Stairs

Easy Access Anywhere Paragon spiral staircases offer safe, space-saving access points to basements that may otherwise be difficult to enter. Several older homes may have bilco door entryways with steep concrete steps or only ground-level windows. Entry points such as these are not only inconvenient, but potentially dangerous during inclement weather as well. Some homes … Continued

Spiral Staircase Platforms

Spiral Stair Platform

Platform Safety Paragon offers a variety of differently styled and shaped spiral stair platforms such as our pie/90 degree wedge platforms, 60 degree angle platforms, and square platforms to make it easy for you to install your stair wherever is most convenient and maintain an optimum level of safety. These differently shaped stair platforms mean … Continued

Spiral Stair Balusters

Spiral Stair Balusters

Baluster Styles At Paragon Stairs, balusters (the vertical rods that connect the handrail to the steps)—also known as spindles or banisters—provide an opportunity to customize the look and feel of your stair thanks to beautiful materials like wood and wrought iron. These materials also let you choose the location of your spiral stair like primed … Continued

Powder Coated Spiral Staircases

Powder Coated Spiral Stairs

Durable Staircase Solution Paragon Stairs takes extra step to give you a long-lasting staircase solution for even the harshest of outdoor conditions. If you live in a coastal area or desert, a standard outdoor spiral staircase will not suffice. For a truly life-long deck, dock, patio, or other outdoor spiral staircase, Paragon offers you a … Continued

Playroom Spiral Staircases

Playroom Staircase

Bunkbed Staircase At Paragon Stairs, we understand that, while spiral staircases can be highly functional, there is also such a thing as a recreational spiral staircase. The twisting shape of a spiral stair plus its space saving nature and potential affiliation with historical and fantastical themes makes it the perfect structure for creating a fun … Continued

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