Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Finished Garage Stair

Taking the time to finish your garage is an efficient way to add extra, usable space to your home at a relatively low cost. Unlike typical garage remodel or reorganization projects, a finished garage project opens the door to multiple potential uses outside of just storage or rugged work space. And several of those potential uses can easily become just that much more beneficial through the introduction of a finished garage steel staircase.

In-Law Suite

With assisted living becoming more expensive, a multi-generational home (three or more generations under a single household) can be a viable option. However, it’s hard to give up a significant portion of your house—such as the guest room and upstairs bathroom—permanently. One alternative is to finish your garage and transform it into livable space. Part of that transformation may include adding a loft or other second floor, and that means a loft stair. A loft style home setup allows you to maximize space use, which may be one of your better options as even a large garage only offers so much space to work with. Attaching a spiral staircase to your loft will help you continue to maximize space use.

Garage Apartment

An in-law suite isn’t the only option in terms of what to do with a finished garage you’ve converted into livable space. A finished garage apartment is a great way to just add a room to your home’s floor plan and overall value. If you have children that have grown into teenagers, then this can be a great way to allow one or more of them to take a step toward moving out and feel like they have their own more private space.

Or maybe you’re considering letting your finished garage apartment to a student attending a local college (assuming you’ve checked with local coding laws). Whether it’s your own teenage children or a young college student, you still want to keep the look of this finished garage apartment up-to-date. A contemporary spiral stair leading up to a mezzanine style loft is a great way to achieve that one-the-edge, minimalist look that’s so desirable for the younger crowd right now. So you can optimize space use and create a desirable modern aesthetic, all while adding value to your home.

Garage Shop

A finished garage space doesn’t necessarily have to translate into living space. There are several other ways a finished garage can improve your home and day-to-day lifestyle. If you have an intensive hobby, one of the obvious ways a finished garage can accomplish these things is for it to serve as a home workshop.

Workshops can take a little more abuse than living space, but that doesn’t mean you can give your garage workspace an updated look with new cabinets, a new work bench, and even a storage loft to improve your shop’s organization. Plus, it’s pretty well-known that a cleaner environment is more stress free and more conducive to productivity. So giving your workshop a facelift can also increase how efficient you are while pursuing your hobby and passions.

Even though you want your finished garage to have a clean look, you can still go for something rugged by adding a simple primed steel rather than anything too fancy. This allows you to obtain that finished look without sacrificing any functionality in your work space.

Garage Den

The relative reclusiveness that makes a finished garage a great in-law suite or apartment to let also makes it a great potential space for a man cave. Or any sort of space to temporarily escape it all. All you need is a few choice memorabilia for décor and a few means to get your favorite gaming, electronic, or any other entertainment.

And a loft can add a second level to both the décor and entertainment you can offer any friends you entertain. A loft lets you segment areas of entertainment; install a bar upstairs and add a pool table of ping pong table downstairs.

Home Gym

For some, a space to escape it all doesn’t necessarily mean a space to relax. A home gym is also a great way to de-stress and a garage presents a great opportunity for a stellar home gym. Most want to be a little removed from everything while focusing on personal fitness, and a garage offers just the right amount of removal.

Furthermore, a loft still makes an excellent addition as it allows you to rotate equipment, store equipment used less frequently, or even segment your categories of equipment; cardio upstairs and weight training downstairs.

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