Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

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Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

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Mezzanine Stairs Uses

Mezzanine Stairs for Offices

Space is a sparse commodity in industrial and manufacturing settings. One solution to save space while still being able to perform every function you need to run your business is to erect a mezzanine in your plant. A mezzanine allows otherwise dead vertical space to act as a functional office. An office like this also has the advantages of 1) giving management staff a bird’s eye view of production in real-time, and 2) closer proximity to key operations and production floor personnel.

With a mezzanine, though, you need convenient access with an IBC and OSHA code compliant mezzanine stair. Paragon Stairs offers a broad selection of staircase styles and materials that can easily satisfy all code parameters and your personal needs.

Mezzanine Stairs for Gyms

Another category of business that will frequently make use of a mezzanine setup is a gym or any other type of health club. Gyms, even if they are open air with plenty of floor space, still have a lot of equipment to handle. You need to arrange this equipment in such a way that makes it easily accessible to clients, and in a way that allows there to be sufficient space between fitness stations. Mezzanines offer a simple solution for accomplishing these goals with arranging equipment while also providing a larger range of equipment options to clients. Because a gym is a public facility, your mezzanine stairs still need to meet IBC code. At the same time, gyms often try to take on a certain personality to distinguish themselves from other gyms. So your mezzanine stairs need to be code compliant and stylish. Paragon Stairs can easily create a custom stair that matches and enhances your gym’s theme. We could also create something large enough to make moving your fitness equipment up and down the stairs simple.

Mezzanine Stairs for Garages

Garage space is always difficult to maintain. This is because your garage already holds a particular category of very large objects—your car(s)! And while this is the primary function of your garage, odds are you’d like to use the space for several other things. Storing bikes, kayaks, or any other sports related hobby equipment is one example. Maybe you’re a DIY enthusiast and you need or want the space for your tools. You want a little wood shop. Or maybe you just need extra space for more practical day-to-day functions. Like a mudroom for after basic yard work or a place to store that lawnmower and other yard working equipment. Or maybe you’re just someone that likes to tinker with your cars.

The installation of a mezzanine paired with solid mezzanine stairs facilitates all of these functions. Because it’s likely to involve harsh use, a galvanized steel stair or other durable option from Paragon could make the perfect mezzanine stair solution.

Mezzanine Stairs for Storage

Regardless of the location, one major benefit of a mezzanine and solid mezzanine stairs will always be the space-saving factor. So even if your space serves no function other than to store things, the installation of a mezzanine can only be to your benefit. And a safe, solid mezzanine stair over a ladder option will always be best seeing as you’re likely to have to carry the items you’re storing up and down the stairs.

Mezzanine Stairs for Workshops and Warehouses

The value of a mezzanine and sturdy mezzanine stair can scale up to the commercial level too. A warehouse of any operational level can increase storage capacity almost exponentially with this simple installation. And just like a commercial office mezzanine, a warehouse mezzanine will likely have to meet IBC and OSHA code requirements. Especially since warehouse mezzanines can often be multi-floor mezzanines stacked up, calling for multi-floor stairs.

Paragon Stairs’ team of expert staircase designers are more than happy to take the time and look at your mezzanine project to come up with the perfect mezzanine stair solution in terms of code compliance, design, and durability.

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