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Paragon provides custom designed and manufactured floating stairs for commercial and residential projects. With over 5,000 configurable options, you can find the staircase that meets your vision. Our in-house engineers develop open frames that are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Call our friendly designers for a free, no obligation consultation today.

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What are Floating Stairs?

Floating stairs are a type of straight staircase that is self-supported. Because of the self-supported design a floating staircase requires no extra support between the underside of the staircase and the floor below or a wall. This unique design makes the staircase look like it is “floating” above the ground, giving this type of staircase its name. The main support of a floating staircase is the stringer or “backbone” of the staircase. Floating stairs utilize either a single stringer or dual stringers that provide a strong connection between landings and require no extra support between the floors. This design is utilized in a lot modern designs due to its contemporary look and versatile functionality, opening up additional floor space below the staircase.

Floating staircase benefits

Because of their design, floating staircases open up additional space underneath the stair creating a more open layout in the room. In addition to more under stair space this design also does not need to be connected to a wall for support, making this a versatile design allowing for unique room layouts. The open design and unique look are a refreshing take on a classic design. Paragon’s floating stairs take the familiarity of traditional stairs and update it with an open frame and first-class engineering. Choose from two frame styles and custom design your new staircase.

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Mono Stringer Floating Stairs

Mono stringer floating staircases feature minimalist frames using a single support beam running the length of the staircase. The single stringer of your floating staircase is custom measured and cut to match your space’s exact specifications. Paragon’s in-house engineering team reviews each design to ensure they meet our strict structural and safety standards. Each detail is customizable to meet your vision and can be combined with unique stair treads and handrails. Choose from over a dozen available wood species to find the right tread or railing to match your space. To learn more about your design options, call our friendly designers and schedule your free consultation.

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Double Stringer Floating Stairs

The defining feature of Paragon’s double stringer floating stairs is the two support beams that are custom cut to fit your staircases measurements. Our exclusive engineering features provide maximum support and stability without sacrificing the open frame. The same design considerations are given to double stringer floating stairs. Your custom manufactured staircase features solid wood accents and railings for a unique centerpiece in your space. Our SMA certified designers help you design code compliant floating stairs for both commercial and residential projects. With a lifetime warranty on all metal components of your staircase, Paragon guarantees the quality of your floating stairs.

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The Paragon Experience

Paragon Stairs offers the most consultative design process in the industry, allowing your needs to drive the final design. Our friendly designers work with in-house engineers and manufacturing to provide you with a premium staircase. Each custom manufactured floating staircase is shipped straight to your door, ready for installation. Call to start your project today!

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