custom color steel spiral staircase

Unique Staircases For Your Space

Create a unique staircase that reflects your space’s personality with Paragon Stairs.

  • Create a stylish staircase by customizing one of our already unique spiral stair kits.
  • All of our staircases offer a wide variety of configurable options for custom designs
  • Our consultative design process makes it easy to create a one of a kind staircase for your space.

The Benefits of Paragon’s Unique Stairs

Your staircase is a defining structural element of your space. It can be made a centerpiece with an ornate design or tucked into the corner of your floorplan as a quiet accent to the rest of your room. Either way, Paragon Stairs offers unique staircases that can be customized to create a one of a kind piece for your residential or commercial space. Our consultative process provides a hands-on approach to designing your spiral or straight staircase.

one a kind spiral staircase

Explore Unique Spiral Staircases from Paragon

Spiral staircases are uniquely beautiful and often serve as an excellent complement to your room’s style. It builds on top of itself giving you a compact package that can pack a large punch when it comes to design. Paragon offers five material lines that you can then add to with our configurable options. Solid wood step covers and decorative spindles give your spiral staircase a new style. Unique spiral staircases are the perfect solution for those that want a one of a kind staircase but don’t have the square footage to spare.

custom mono stringer stair

Discover Unique Straight Staircases

Many homeowners want a traditional staircase with full steps and a standard, straight frame. Paragon Stairs takes this idea of a standard staircase and enhances it with different customizable options. Our floating stairs give your stair a unique frame that you can continue to customize for a one of a kind design. Our railing options can help you redefine your unique staircase and how it fits into the surrounding space. You can mix and match your design features to create a one of a kind staircase.

consultative staircase design process

Our Consultative Process

Paragon Stairs has the most consultative process in the industry that focuses on you and your design ideas. Our friendly stair experts go over every decision with you to make certain that the end product fits your vision. The unique process, complete with a live web meeting, includes a free 3D rendering of your unique staircase before it goes to production. Your designer can overlay the rendering with pictures you provide of your space for a complete look at the finished product.

“Paragon was able to custom tweak certain aspects of their product for us, which put it over the top.”

Paragon keeps your vision at core of our design process with our consultative stair experts and friendly customer service team.

friendly staircase designers

With over 5,000 configurable options, your unique staircase design is only a few clicks away. Our Build Your Own tool allows you to view and choose from all of our available design features.

Call one of Paragon’s friendly stair designers to begin your project today.


The Paragon Experience

Each step in Paragon’s design and manufacturing process guarantees a long lasting stair solution.



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