Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Spiral Stair Components


The column is the vertical pole that runs down the center of a spiral stair. It acts as a sort of axis of the rest of the spiral stair and a primary support piece. The columns are the primary support because all of the other spiral stair parts connect to the column.

This is the primary utility of the column. The spectrum of other utilities depends upon the exact type of column. Paragon Stairs offers two categories of column sleeves to help match exact spiral stair project functions and aesthetics.

Continuous Sleeve

One type Paragon offers is what we call a continuous sleeve. The separate, stackable pieces of this sleeve type match flush with one another to create a seamless, smooth look—which is a desirable aesthetic for many as it allows the column to look like one solid piece. For this to work, Paragon requires the exact height dimensions of a project so the stackable pieces can be custom cut accordingly to ensure a perfect fit.

Adjustable Sleeve

The second category of sleeve Paragon offers is an adjustable sleeve. This type comes off-the-rack and ready to go. This kind also has the flexibility to match a range of heights within a certain margin up or down as the height of the column can adjust up or down. While it doesn’t offer a seamless aesthetic, this type is especially useful for projects where you may not yet know what the completed floor-to-floor height will be, but you have a general idea and you need a little wiggle room for error with your stair.

Column Measurements

Just to clarify, “floor-to-floor” height is not the same as floor-to-ceiling. To get an accurate measurement of floor-to-floor, use a tape measure and go from the bottom up to the top of the floor where your stair comes out. This way your measurement accounts for any subflooring, carpeting, tiling, or anything else between the ceiling above your first level and the floor of your second level.


Treads are simply another name for the individual steps in your staircase. Obviously, treads need to support you and anything you carry on the stairs. Paragon anchors the treads directly to the center column. In fact, each tread piece is a combination tread and sleeve. These sleeves slide directly over the center column for a solid and stable structure that allows high load-bearing capacity for each tread.

Another part of the tread is the riser. The riser is the vertical piece (or gap, depending on if your tread style) between the top of one step and the bottom of the one above it. This piece offers an opportunity for personalizing the style of your stair through things like ivy stencil designs or differently angled pieces to create a distinctive profile for the stair overall. Besides the look, another important factor with risers is code. If code is a concern for your project, then keep in mind that the amount of material between tread surfaces, therefore the size of the gap, has to be enough that the gap is no greater than 4”.

Besides the profile, there are several other important factors to consider when selecting a tread, most of which relate to safety. Paragon provides you with several tread surface options, including diamond plate for extra grip in climates that experience frequent rain and other moisture, fan or hand weld grated to allow pass-through of precipitation so snow doesn’t build up on the step surface, and then there’s a standard smooth surface.

Tread Covers

Paragon offers a variety of spiral stair tread covers, each with their own distinctive aesthetic. One option is a solid wood tread cover. The aesthetic of this option depends on the wood species you select. Luckily, Paragon offers over a dozen wood species, so it’s easy to pick the one best for your needs. Some are even suitable for outdoor purposes.

Carpet ready board is another option for creating a unique aesthetic. This tread cover option allows you to customize the look of the stair however you with the carpet of your choice, be it ornate and Victorian, or simple and modern.


Handrails are the portion of the railing where your hand makes contact. Depending on the shape and material of this stair part, it can provide an excellent accent piece for your stair. Another factor determined by the shape is the comfort it provides for your hand. A comfortable grip is important for maintaining an easy, and therefore safer, grip as you traverse the stair.

Paragon goes a step further than typical safety and quality by making each handrail as one single, solid, coiled piece that ranges the entire length of the spiral stair. Since it is one continuous piece, you won’t feel any ridges and the overall structure is much more rigid than the typical handrail composed of several pieces locked together.

The lack of seams means also you don’t have to worry about dirt or any other elements getting down inside the grooves and causing corrosion overtime.


Balusters, or spindles, are the vertical pieces between the treads and the handrail. The balusters provide a safety barrier on the exterior perimeter of the stair and a means of lending the stair an aesthetic element. The number of balusters used per tread depends on code considerations.

Depending on the material and design of the balusters, you can have a look that’s either simple and modern or ornate and traditional, even Victorian in look.


One aspect to consider in terms of components is the materials used to make them. Each material has its own advantages in terms of looks, durability, and weather resistance. The key is to figure out which offers the best advantages suited to your purposes.

Solid wood is a popular choice for those looking to create a traditional theme of elegance in their space. Paragon offers over a dozen different wood species both domestic and exotic to make it easy for you to find the ideal wood to suit your theme. It’s worth to take the time to look at our various wood species just so you can better understand what the specific benefits of each are. For example, three of our species are appropriate for exterior purposes, so if you want an exterior stair with wood elements, one of these three is what you need.

Primed steel is the most popular choice, partly because it offers a contemporary look perfect for urban spaces with a minimalist aesthetic. Besides simplicity of looks, another advantage of primed steel is that you can either have us powder coat it for a maintenance-free finish or paint it yourself to get the exact color you desire. While standard black and white are common colors because they both go with almost anything, you can also go with a more custom color to really show your quirky personality.

Galvanized steel is a great choice for those that need a hearty outdoor spiral stair solution. The galvanization process armors the stair to ensure it will last for a lifetime. The rugged, industrial look of a galvanized stair also makes it a popular choice for seaside settings or settings looking to achieve an industrial look combined with bare brick, exposed vents, and other trendy urban designs right now.

Aluminum is another popular choice for outdoors stair solutions. Aluminum is naturally resistant to any form of rust or other corrosion. Plus, Paragon Stairs powder coats each aluminum stair using a proprietary method that translates to a superior finish in terms of smoothness of the powder coat. Furthermore, while the powder coat comes standard in the white or black like the priming, we can also create whatever custom color you desire thanks to our use of the Pantone color match system if you wish for something more personalized.

If you have any questions regarding spiral stair parts and accessories and which you should select for your specific project’s needs, please don’t hesitate to give one of our stair design experts a call.

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