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Paragon is a trusted partner in a wide range of both commercial and residential projects. We work with you through each step of our design and manufacturing process to ensure a stress free partnership. Our experienced team puts your project and concerns at the center of the entire process.

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Paragon’s expert designers put your project’s needs and specifications at the center of each design step. We provided detailed CAD drawings for both spiral and straight stair designs to make planning easier. The in-depth specifications give you clear direction as you design the space and account for the stair both in terms of looks and measurements.

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Paragon works with you to ensure that your project’s timelines are met. We work with trusted partners to provide engineering stamps to avoid any outside hold ups to your staircase. Paragon Stairs understands that your timeline and guarantee to your clients is the base of your business. With accurate lead time estimates and quality products, we act as a trusted partner.

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You can trust Paragon Stairs to provide everything you need to meet your deadlines and provide your clients with a quality product. We handle all of the details, including a coordinated shipping date at your project site so you can focus on the rest of your project. With SMA certified employees in every department, we have all of your questions and concerns covered from the engineering to the installation process.

Paragon Stairs offers a wide range of materials and finishes to ensure that your staircase fits your project’s needs. Our in house design teams works with you through each design choice to help you make the right choices for the space.

Our finishes can come in any color on the Pantone matching or RAL color chart systems and include:

Powder Coating
Paragon’s powder coating process for both aluminum and steel stairs consists of five steps that make certain your staircase has a flawless finish. The attention to detail starts from the very first step with highly pressurized water, heat, and special rinses that prep the surface of your stair. Your staircase is then sprayed with a custom color powder and baked in a high temperature oven. The final step of our process is a piece by piece inspection to make certain that the product meets our standards.

Hot-dip Zinc/Galvanizing
Paragon’s galvanized staircases are the perfect example of a quality staircase that won’t break the bank. Our hot dipped galvanizing process coats every part of your staircase with a maintenance free finish that’s guaranteed to last. After thoroughly cleaning the carbon steel stair frame, it’s dipped in an ammonium chloride solution to coat every part of your stair in a weatherproof finish.

Painted Primer Finish
Our primer process employs a high quality primer that preps your stair for any custom paint you desire once installed. However, customers often like the look of our primer enough that they leave the stair as is without bothering to apply their own paint. The matte black has a sharp look that meshes well with any modern or urban setting with minimalist decor.

Wood Species
Wood adds natural beauty to any residential or commercial project. Paragon offers a variety of wood species for both indoor and outdoor applications. Each options has its own unique tone and accent for your space. Explore our full list of wood species below:

Below you’ll find a list of what woods we offer that work for indoor settings and woods that work for outdoor.


  • Red Oak
  • White oak
  • American Cherry
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Douglas Fir
  • Pine
  • Alder


  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar

Besides our variety of materials and finishes, the visual tools we offer for architects and other professionals are multifaceted and on the cutting edge of the industry. Our in-house engineers employ such steps and tools as:

  • Elevations: Available for both spiral and straight stairs, this line drawing of your staircase acts as a great reference for the dimensions of your design and how they fit within your space.
  • Renderings: Our designers can produce photorealistic images of your staircase, including different material combinations. This allows you to see how the stair will look in your space before it goes to production.
  • 3D Models: A 3D model of a stair is a computer generated model that can be manipulated in digital space.
  • CAD Drawings: We employ such AutoCAD software as Solidworks and Rhino also to produce line drawings and 3D geometry, that allow us to place the desired dimensions of your stair directly into the drawing and create a true-to-life concept before moving to build.
  • DWG Files: We use DWG in AutoCAD because it’s one of the most widely used file programs accepted by most CAD software. This broad accessibility means greater convenience for you and your ability to open/access files during field operations.

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