Spiral Staircase Building Code

Paragon knows that working with local building code is a complex process. That’s why we work with you every step of the way to ensure you meet all of the necessary requirements of your project. Our SMA Certified customer representatives work with you to cover all of the code bases.


Compliance in Each Line

Because Paragon understands the importance of meeting spiral staircase code with many projects, yet we also understand the value of having multiple options to meet code meeting code, we design all our spiral stair lines with code compliant features available. This allows you the freedom to pick your favorite look while maintaining the ability to meet code.


Code at Any Price

Because Paragon offers code compliant options for each line, we also offer code components at every price point. So your budget will not get in the way of your ability to meet code. It doesn’t matter if you need a stair for your shop, business, foyer, or deck.


Code Features

Paragon considers all parameters of your stair code needs. Baluster gaps of no greater than 4”, rise height from tread to tread of no greater than 9 ½”, riser gaps no greater than 4”, headroom of at least 6’ 6”, railing height of 34” to 38”, stair diameters of at least 5’, clear walking path, and more each go into our stair builds.


Working with Local Authority

Each local authority is different in their interpretation of stair code compliance. So what’s true for one state may not be true for the next state over—or the next county over. So always check with your local building authority before completing an order if you know code will be an issue. And Paragon will work with you to make any adjustments needed.


Designed for Your Home

Safety can mean different things to different families. Especially with children or the elderly. The same applies to small pets. Tell Paragon’s SMA Certified staff your particular situation or needs and we’ll custom design and build everything from railing and well enclosure to treads to make sure you’re satisfied with the level of safety your stair provides for your family.

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