Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

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Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

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How to Install a Spiral Staircase

DIY Stairs

Even if you’re an avid DIYer, the question “how to install stairs” is a lot simpler than the question “how to build stairs.” This is thanks to the fact that there are quality stair kits out there that make putting in a stair on your own a matter of simply installing premade stair components as opposed to having to tasks like having to custom cut stringers. It’s also because the tools required are a simple set of hand tools as opposed to an array of power tools and a veritable workshop in your garage or basement. One category of kit stair that’s especially simple is spiral staircase kits.

Even though it’s simpler than building a staircase from scratch, there are still a few important facts to keep in mind for a successful installation project.

Stair Components

DIY stair treads, balusters, and other components can all come in different styles and materials. So it’s easy to find a style that meshes well with your home’s aesthetic. One particular component you may not typically think of that comes into play with spiral staircase kits is a center column.

The center column is what will hold everything up. The center column is also the first piece you install. Following erecting the center column you’ll attach the treads. With Paragon Stairs, spiral staircase treads come as a tread and cuff combination, and the cuff (or collar) slides right over the center column and rotates to whatever position you want. After the treads you install the balusters. The number of balusters will depend on if your stair follows spiral staircase building code or not.

Either way, your balusters affix directly to the treads. Unless you’re using line railing, this baluster step applies to any material or style of kit. Atop the balusters goes the hand railing, which, for Paragon Stairs, is one solid, coiled piece. One final component is the stair landing. The staircase landing, or platform, is what will connect your spiral stair to the upper floor. The kind of platform will depend on if your stair goes through a well opening (a circular cut through the upper floor) or if it attaches directly to the face of the above floor like a loft. A good stair kit such as one from paragon can be installed by one or two able-bodied adults in the course of a single weekend.

Stair Measurements

When installing your stair, there are a couple of key measurements you’ll want to keep in mind. The primary measurement you’ll want to know in order to make sure your spiral staircase installation goes smoothly is floor-to-floor-height. This means the measurement from the top of your first floor to the top of the next floor, not from the top of the first floor to the ceiling. Your overall measurement has to account for any joists, rafters, beams, subflooring, and flooring too. So make sure to measure to the top of the above floor. Knowing this will let you know the height of the stair you need to order.

You’ll also want to figure out how wide of a stair you have room for, or what diameter when it comes to spiral staircases. Obviously you’ll want room around the stair so no side is smack against anything. However, the larger the diameter the better more than likely as the diameter of the stair will directly determine the width of your walking path. The size of the diameter is determined by the size of the tread. The larger the tread, the larger the stair and the larger the walking path. The process for installing your spiral stair kit will be the same regardless of the size, just keep in mind that measuring prior to actually ordering the stair is just as much a part of the process of how to install a stair as anything else.

Indoor and Outdoor DIY Stair Considerations

Another factor you should not omit is indoor and outdoor considerations. Building outdoor stairs means erecting something that will be exposed to the elements. A standard steel stair offers a smart, contemporary look that works great for indoor stair installations, but you’ll want to consider something more durable for outdoor staircase installation projects.

So you need to make sure you choose a material designed to withstand those elements. A powder coated aluminum staircase or a galvanized staircase are your best options. These types of stairs will last a lifetime with practically zero maintenance.

Professional Help

Paragon Stairs makes the stair installation process especially easy by offering two amenities to all clients. One is that each stair comes with a simple-to-follow, comprehensive instruction booklet, so you know exactly what steps to take just be following along with the simple manual. The other is that we have a team standing by that’s ready to call just in case you encounter any difficulty whatsoever. So you don’t have to feel left in the dark; any one of our team members would be more than happy to walk you through the simple process.

Get in touch with Paragon Stairs today and we’ll be more than happy to put you on the path to installing your spiral staircase.

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