Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Staircase Landing Uses

A large staircase landing is a world of opportunity in terms of potential uses. In many instances, your home may have a more modern décor, and therefore, you’ll likely want to keep the staircase landing space empty and open to match that décor. However, you may also want to convert that space to something else for the sake of practicality or pleasure.

Stair Landing Reading Nook

One potential, and popular, use for a staircase landing with enough square footage is a reading nook. Stair landings often have large windows, which provide a great amount of natural light ideal for relaxed daytime reading. All it takes to create a cozy reading nook is a comfy window seat with a few cushions as well as a charming book shelf. Stock the shelf with your favorite selection of paperbacks and you have the makings of a café-worthy reading space. If you live in an apartment with limited space, then this is one easy and effective way to create a little mental retreat out of otherwise dead space.

Stair Landing Storage

Though less recreational than a reading nook, there’s also the strictly practical option of building sturdy storage in your staircase landing space.

That landing might make a great location for a highboy dresser, or a lowboy dresser combined with a vanity mirror. This type of setup may be especially useful if you live in an apartment or small home with only one bathroom but more than one adult whom has to get ready in the morning. Rather than fight for the bathroom mirror or clutter up your bedroom, make that staircase landing a station for getting ready in the morning.

Or you can dedicate that staircase landing space to last-minute getting ready needs by installing a small coat closet with room for shoes and boots. That lets the space be a grab-and-go area on the way down the stairs and out the door in the morning. The same approach lets that space be a small mudroom for coming in at the end of the day.

Stair Landing Seating Area

Your staircase landing can also serve as a relaxing seating area that can fulfill any number of more social purposes throughout the day. With the addition of two chairs and a small table—highlighted with a minimal amount of tasteful décor—you have the makings of a serene seating area. Such a seating cove would be ideal for relaxed weekend mornings as a little breakfast area or coffee area. Install a small bar and you have a great place to enjoy some brunch beverages like mimosas and coffee liquors.

Seating areas with this kind of charm are even easier to create when you have a Victorian style stair as a foundation to start with.

Stair Landing Decorating

A staircase landing often orients directly toward the front door, so it’s likely one of the first things guests see upon entering your home. Which means a staircase landing presents a great opportunity to set the tone for your home in terms of theme and personality.

The wall space around a staircase landing is a great location to arrange a small home gallery. There is the typical family photo setup, but you could also do something a little more creative to play with colors. Try making the walls around the landing an accent color so it pops, then add coordinating pieces of art to create a mini exhibit.

You could also play with the unique perspective the geometric shape of the staircase landing offers guests when they first walk in. Try something that creates an optical illusion or distinct pattern that stand out. A modern art or geometric layout would pair perfectly with a modern metal staircase that offers an industrial look.

If you wish to add an element of natural beauty to your interior, then you might also consider setting up a small garden area with any number of plant types. Again, stair landing areas often include a large window, so this is a great way to take advantage of all that sunlight. There are a number of simple-to-maintain houseplants that would be great for this, including a small ficus, hibiscus, or even calamondin orange plants. Bringing outdoor elements in makes a space more calming, which makes the staircase landing space serviceable for both a hobby and lowering stress. So this type of stair landing conversion can improve lifestyle. The natural beauty brought in by these plants would also blend well with the natural beauty of an all wood staircase.

Stair Landing Small Office

Working virtually is more prominent in the modern workforce. But maybe your job only calls for a small percentage of working virtually. If that’s the case, you may not want to take up an entire room with a home office. You may instead consider converting your staircase landing space into a small yet functional home office. There are several easy ways to make this style of office functional, comfortable, and compact. Consider tips like using an ottoman for your chair while working. Then just slide the ottoman under the desk or table when done. This kind of setup even doubles as a seating area.

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