Safety Features For Straight & Spiral Stairs

At Paragon, we understand that a stair is not just a piece of equipment, it’s a part of your home that you rely on. You need to know it’s safe for your friends and family to use daily. Paragon takes extra steps to make sure your stair is an exact match for your safety needs.


Sure Footing

Solid traction means solid footing and safe egress, and sometimes a simple smooth tread accomplishes this. However, extra measures such as diamond plate may be necessary.

Paragon’s grate-cut stairs offer superior traction for outdoor staircases in snowy or rainy conditions. This option is ideal for locations where heavy snow and/or rain are a constant concern as it allows the precipitation to pass through which avoid dangerous obstacles on the stairs such as snow piles and puddles and reduces the likelihood of developing rust.


Clear Head Room

spiral stairs are prone to low walking path clearance. Reduced spacing between the riser and tread or severe angle of rotation lowers the head clearance on a spiral staircase. This is an aspect affected by stair rotation, entry point placement, and the riser height of each tread.

Paragon’s designers go over your project’s needs in terms of room layout and desired stair design and create the best possible amount of headroom.


Balusters and Risers

Paragon uses railing systems with minimum gaps between balusters and maximum safety. According to code, gaps between spindles cannot be large enough to allow a 4” sphere to pass through. Paragon offers builds that go beyond this standard to offer even safer railing systems with smaller gaps. The same idea of minimum space applies to riser space, which is the vertical space between treads.

Tell us if code is enough to meet your safety needs or if you’ll need something with added measures and we’ll go over the best baluster and riser options for you.


Personal Consultations and Custom Solutions

Paragon’s SMA Certified in-house engineering staff and customization capabilities address every stair safety need. Sometimes stair safety concerns can be specific to a unique situation, like modern, open staircase safety. In such events, standard options may not cover what you want to accomplish. Maybe your straight or spiral stair is for rigorous utility purposes, and this opens the door to a number of safety concerns that you know better than anyone.

Tell us exactly what you envision your stair doing and how you, your loved ones, or employees will use the stair and Paragon will design custom components that go above the standard to provide the safety you seek.

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