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Boat House Stairs

Yacht Stairs

A yacht is a large investment, so getting every aspect of it correct, every bolt and weld, is important to you. That includes any means of traveling between decks, so you need a stair that can withstand harsh sea air while upholding the visual level of class you want your yacht to present. Essentially your yacht is a vacation getaway on water, so the staircase you install needs to reflect that. So here are a few tips to help you find a stair that serves your functional and aesthetic needs while out enjoying the high seas.

Space Saving

Yachts, or any type of recreational boats, are short on space. As space is a commodity, you want to ensure you use it wisely. The key with this consideration is to use a compact staircase or space-saving stair. The small structural footprint of a spiral staircase is ideal for a yacht or other recreation boat setting. The strictly vertical build allows you the function of a full-sized stair while also freeing up space to use for other amenities you want to build into your ship. If your stair will be inside the boat, then a steel spiral stair with the right wood accents and a polished bronze handrail provides just the right touch of naval elegance. With the space you’ll save, that shuffle board may now look like much more of a possibility.

Nautical Theme

If your stair will be outside or atop the boat, then another benefit of a galvanized stair—specifically as it relates to a yacht or other recreational boat—\is the battleship gray color it develops after the 6 month weathering period. This worn, gray color is a great way to set a nautical theme for your vessel without having to make any additional changes to your stair post-installation. Just install it and let it weather.

Simple Installation

One issue to consider—especially if your stair installation is post-build or some other kid of add-on for your boat—is to make sure that it’s an easy installation. The corridors of your recreational boat, no matter how luxurious the vessel may be, are likely to be a tight fit, so you don’t want to have to haul cumbersome pieces into your boat.

A spiral staircase kit offers a great solution to this potential problem. You can transport the broken down kit to the installation site on your boat in pieces and assemble it right there-you don’t have to worry about navigating your ship with bulky pieces. And a stair kit such as Paragon’s galvanized stair kit not only provides this convenience of easy transportability, but also the safety and reliability of a custom stair as we provide several code and other safety features combined with in-house engineering features for increased stability.

Dock Stairs

Aside from direct boat applications, other great uses for an outdoor galvanized stair include a beach house or a dock. Moving between multiple decks while aboard your seafaring vessel is important, but you also want to be able to board your boat safely in the first place. A galvanized stair makes this simple without taking up too much room on your dock. A galvanized spiral stair will also last for decades to come with little to no maintenance—making it a long-term investment that lasts as long as your boat.

Learn more about how a stair from Paragon can add the right element of functionality and naval elegance to your recreational boat by contacting us today.