Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Prefab Staircases (Indoor & Outdoor)

Paragon Stairs has a wide range of prefabricated stairs that fit all settings and project types.

  • Paragon’s prefabricated stairs are all inspected to ensure they meet our in-house quality and safety standards.
  • Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, we offer prefab stairs that are long lasting stair solutions for your space.
  • You get the convenience you’d expect with prefabricated stairs that are shipped straight to your door.

The Benefits of Paragon’s Prefab Staircases

Prefabricated staircases hold major benefits when it comes to project timelines and budgets. While they may be seen as a quick solution or a temporary place holder, Paragon Stairs offers prefab stairs for both indoor and outdoor applications that don’t sacrifice any quality.


Prefab Indoor Stairs for a Quick Solution

Our indoor prefabricated staircases fit well into any space. Paragon has a wide range of available materials and custom options for your prefab staircase to make it your own without breaking the bank. Our designs include prefab spiral stairs that are great for projects with limited square footage and prefabricated straight staircases that can fit into a larger space. Even these prefab designs are held to Paragon’s strict quality standards to make sure that you are getting a product that we’re proud of. We guarantee that it will hold up to regular use and back them with our lifetime warranty.


Prefab Outdoor Stairs

Adding new stairs to your deck or balcony doesn’t have to be a large construction project. Our prefab deck stairs make it a painless process from ordering to installation. Paragon’s prefabricated exterior stairs feature weatherproof finishes that are guaranteed to extend the life of your stair. All of our designs are made to be long-lasting solutions that are the perfect additions to your home and backyard. You can upgrade your outdoor space or install a quick durable solution in your workspace with this budget and time friendly solution.


Convenient Shipping & Installation

While our prefab stair designs feature the same quality and style standards as our other staircases, you don’t lose any of the benefits that you would typically find with a prefabricated staircase. We work with trusted shipping partners to ensure that your staircase is delivered straight to your door when it’s convenient for you. Once it’s on site, you can install your prefab staircase with the help of a friend or neighbor in a weekend.

How We Transform Your Space

In 4 simple steps

Speak With A Consultative Designer

Speak With A Consultative Designer

The Paragon process starts with a one-on-one stair design meeting with our knowledgeable designers.

We Confirm Your Choices

We Confirm Your Choices

Our designers go over each design choice with you to ensure every piece of your staircase matches your vision.

Your Stair is Custom Crafted For You

Your Stair is Custom Crafted For You

Your stair is custom manufactured here in Collegeville, PA to meet the exact requirements of your project.

Easy DIY Installation

Easy DIY Installation

Your staircase is delivered straight to your door with easy to follow, step by step instructions. You can install your in staircase in an afternoon.

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“I absolutely would recommend Paragon Stairs. We’re very happy with our finished stairs: the quality of it, the making of it, the way that it went together. It’s just a fantastic product and I’m glad I was smart enough to make the decision to purchase it.”

From Design to Reality

Watch How it Works. Each step in our manufacturing process guarantees a long lasting stair solution

Explore Our Prefabricated Staircase Designs

Spiral Stairs

Discover our perfect solution for projects and spaces with limited square footage.

Straight Stairs

Skip the expensive and time consuming renovation and install a prefab straight stair.

Build Your Own

Prefab stairs don't have to be off the shelf. Use our tool to design your own.

For the Pros

Our professional's resource center answer all of your questions about installation.

You don’t need to go through inconvenient and costly renovations to get a beautiful and sturdy staircase in your home. You can get high-quality prefab steps for outdoors or indoors in a variety of styles that are easy to set up. Prefabricated stairs can even be customized to your preferences and sent to you in an easy-install kit. Choosing or customizing a prefab steps kit is easy once you know what you’re looking for.

Indoor Premade Steps

When choosing indoor pre-built steps there are many varieties to consider. First, are you looking for a grand staircase that’s the centerpiece of a room, or a compact spiral staircase that can tuck out of the way in a small space? Straight stairs are better for larger spaces, or for areas where you’d like to store things or decorate underneath, while spiral staircases are great for tight areas, or to add an air of classic sophistication as a centerpiece of your main hall.

Consider the aesthetic of your space. Metal staircases are very modern and chic, and look fabulous in minimalist settings. Pre-built wooden steps, on the other hand, add a rustic feel, and can be made in woods that match the ones already in your home. You can also find metal staircases with wooden tread covers to seamlessly blend modern and classic elements.

Outdoor Premade Steps

While you might think you need to undergo major construction to get sturdy outdoor steps for your deck or patio, prebuilt steps actually come in many styles and materials ideal for weathering the elements. A pre-made porch step or deck stair kit can be made from a variety of materials to suit your aesthetic, all with a high-quality weatherproof finish to ensure durability. Premade patio steps can also include raised treads for a sturdier grip, or grating to allow precipitation to pass right through.

To choose stair kits for outdoor spaces, consider where your staircase will go, and what the rest of your deck or patio looks like. Is it a metal or stone patio that would look best with a chic metal spiral staircase? Or perhaps it’s a traditional wood deck which might benefit from a porch steps kit with wooden tread covers for a more cohesive look.

Garages and boathouses are not exempt from needing staircases either. For these spaces, a more industrial look might fit in well, with raised treads for helping you grip while you carry things in and out. For spaces like this, spiral stairs allow access without taking up precious storage space. A premade outdoor steps kit is ideal for a space like this because you can assemble it yourself without having to empty the space for a contractor to come in.

Schedule a Consultation with Paragon Stairs

If you’re ready to get the stairs of your dreams without the hassle of a major renovation, Paragon Stairs can help. Schedule a consultation today with one of our expert designers to help you create the perfect ready-made steps for your home.

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Limited Lifetime Guarantee

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