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“Square” Spiral Staircases

What is a “Square” Spiral Staircase?

For many people, when they think of a “square” spiral staircase, they think of a traditional spiral staircase with angled, cornered treads as opposed to rounded, pie-shaped treads. However, another staircase that may come to mind for many is that of a floating staircase with several platforms that, when viewed from above, looks like a spiral with multiple corners. These types of multistory staircases, offer an irreplaceable look and feel perfect for modern homes or commercial offices with broad, sweeping spaces, high-vaulted ceilings, and gratuitous amounts of natural lighting.

Minimalist Staircase

One draw behind owning a “square” spiral staircase is that it blends in perfectly with any minimalist, modern, or contemporary décor. The lack of a faux wall beneath the staircase stringers means that light can pass through, giving you a brighter room and more open feel. The right selection of materials can also heighten the urban sophistication to your staircase and space. A sharp black steel handrail combined with a lighter species of wood for the treads makes an excellent combination sure to highlight the metropolitan feel in your living or commercial space.

Staircase as Statement Piece

One aspect to keep in mind when considering a “square” spiral staircase is that of the sheer, visual statement it makes to anyone first entering your home or office. Whether looking down from the highest platform or looking up from the bottom floor, the angled, winding pattern you see is breathtaking and memorable. That makes such a staircase a great way to leave a positive, lasting first impression on people entering your home or business for the first time.

Beside the view of the staircase itself, the angled, winding structure of a floating staircase with several platforms acts as an excellent centerpiece to any room and can either tie a theme together or act as a great launching point for arraying the rest of the objects in a given space.

The geometric pattern of such a stair also offers plenty of possibility to play with optics and lighting. Knowing how the light hits your space through any large windows and how the shadow of the stair casts against any near walls or other objects makes for a great opportunity to take advantage of and get creative. These are even factors you may want to take into account during any initial planning phase to your décor choices. A quick example of an excellent décor item to pair with a spiraling floating staircase is any kind of hanging light fixture down the cavity in the center of the stair.

Multilevel Stairs

An added benefit to a “square” spiral staircase that spans multiple floors is that it marries this beautiful, nearly sculpted form with high functionality. Besides tying together a space, such a staircase also streamlines access to every floor in your office or multi-family building. Streamlined, centralized access adds convenience for your employees, clients, or anyone else whom may use your staircase.

Learn about the decorative and functional benefits that await you with a “square” spiral staircase by contacting Paragon Stairs. With our extensive product line, we’re sure to have the perfect multilevel floating staircase that’s a precise match for you and your space.