Wood Options

Paragon makes it easy to match the classic elements of your interior and exterior decor thanks to our wide selection of richly toned wood species. Paragon also ensures the quality of each wood component thanks to our in-house wood shop making each piece on site by hand.


Wide Variety of Styles

Paragon offers over a dozen domestic and exotic wood species of varying shades and grains. Customers can select an all-wood staircase for a refined and elegant look, or add a wood accent to a metal staircase to bring a hint of natural beauty to a more industrial style. Paragon’s stair kits can be fully customized to include the quantity of wood materials to exactly match your personal sense of style.


Indoor Class

Deep colors as American and Brazilian cherry and walnut are perfect ways to add warmth and depth to your space. Paragon also provide bright options like hickory, alder, and maple to open up a room and give it a sense of being spacious and modern. Each of these species and others we offer come with their own benefits in terms of finish, stain, and paint compatibility, so you can pick your favorite.

durable wood species for outdoor stairs

Outdoor Durability

Wooden spiral stairs shouldn’t be out of reach just because you’re installing an outdoor stair. That’s why Paragon make three great outdoor appropriate wood species available; teak, mahogany, and cedar. Each of these will stand up to the wear and tear of outdoor weather and sun while keeping their refined appeal.


In-House Woodshop

Paragon stands behind the lasting quality of our wood components, both for all wood stairs and accent pieces on other stair lines, because our in-house woodshop takes the time to craft every individual component right. Paragon uses top-grade woods and we are more than willing to work with any special requests you may have in terms of cut, style, and mixing and matching various species.

Wood has a timeless quality that enhances any atmosphere in a unique way. So Paragon works hard to make each piece timeless in terms of aesthetics and in terms of how long it will last you. This is why our all wood line is truly all wood and why we offer such components as single solid piece all wood handrails. Paragon cares about the craft.

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