Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

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Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

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Powder Coated Spiral Stairs

Durable Staircase Solution

Paragon Stairs takes extra step to give you a long-lasting staircase solution for even the harshest of outdoor conditions. If you live in a coastal area or desert, a standard outdoor spiral staircase will not suffice. For a truly life-long deck, dock, patio, or other outdoor spiral staircase, Paragon offers you a powder coated spiral staircase.

Powder coating a spiral staircase has multiple benefits both aesthetically and in terms of enhancing durability. Effectively, powder coating provides an impenetrable armor for your staircase. Paragon Stairs goes further than standard powder coating and offers a unique, proprietary powder coating method. This proprietary method goes through 5 steps to ensure a meticulous finish and smooth surface that you won’t find anywhere else. This 5 step system starts with a high-pressure spray to wash your spiral staircase of any impurities. Then we move on to heating the staircase and giving it several special rinses in order to prepare the surface and make it more receptive to the final powder coating finish. Following all that, we inspect every individual component to make sure their surfaces have a spotless look that’s beautiful and impeccable. This scrupulous, multi-step process brings with it several other benefits as well.

Easy Maintenance

With a powder coated spiral staircase, not only is the metal beneath the coating protected from any rust or other corrosion, the coating itself is also incredibly easy to keep immaculately clean and beautiful. You don’t even need any special solutions or chemicals. A simple wipe down with a mix of warm water and soap is all it takes to keep a spotless, bright look forever with a powder coated spiral staircase. That’s it; maintenance is cheap and easy for as long as you own the staircase.

Simple to Customize

Aside from acting as the perfect armor for your outdoor spiral staircase, powder coating also acts as the ideal way to customize the color and overall look of your staircase however you wish. Paragon Stairs provides you with the option of selecting any color you want from the Pantone color matching system for your staircase. So your staircase can either set the color scheme for your space or match any existing theme easily. It doesn’t matter if you want a neutral color to blend in with the décor or a bold color to create a strong statement piece.

Suitable Settings for Powder Coated Staircases

Any area that deals with weather conditions that swing one way or the other more than usual denotes a suitable place to install a powder coated spiral staircase in terms of utility. An area with cold, moist, or salty air such as a coastal town invites corrosion. The powder coating protects against that. A dry, sunny area causes standard paint to fade on sides that face the sun. Powder coating stands up to increased sunlight exposure, so your Arizona ranch home can have an outdoor, stable, or barn staircase that lasts.

Furthermore, any setting that you feel calls for a bright, glossy showpiece also denotes a great setting for a powder coated spiral staircase. The sheen of a powder coated finish just stands out when compared to other typical finishes, which means your space stands out too. Powder coating makes your color choice brighter and bolder.

Powder Coated Material

Because a powder coat finish is so versatile, Paragon can apply it to a number of materials. Specifically, both aluminum and steel, which means you can have a quality powder coat finish at several price points. Steel is more economical for tighter budgets while aluminum is more suitable for outdoor investments. This makes the finish affordable at any budget. So infusing your space with unbeatable bright and vibrant color and getting the best in staircase armor both come at an affordable price thanks to Paragon Stairs.

Take advantage of all the aesthetic and utility benefits powder coating offers. Get in touch with a representative from Paragon Stairs to learn all about our powder coated products and the superiority of our proprietary powder coating process so you can own an amazing powder coated staircase too.

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