Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Basement Spiral Stairs

Easy Access Anywhere

Paragon spiral staircases offer safe, space-saving access points to basements that may otherwise be difficult to enter. Several older homes may have bilco door entryways with steep concrete steps or only ground-level windows. Entry points such as these are not only inconvenient, but potentially dangerous during inclement weather as well. Some homes lack an ideal indoor entry point or the necessary space for installing a traditional staircases. For the above reasons and more, many consumers now choose to use a spiral stair kit for their basement access needs.

One reason why a spiral stair works great for these types of situations is because you can just cut a stairwell anywhere in your home that creates instant access. From there, it’s a simple matter of mounting your spiral stair. Cutting a stairwell is a relatively simple project and has a minimal effect on any surrounding areas in your home thanks to the simple installation process involved with spiral staircases.

This also allows you to match the location of your new entry point to your most common use for the basement. Do you use your finished basement for entertaining guests? Then place your new stairwell in the kitchen for quick access to food and drinks. Do you have a play or gaming area for your kids in the basement? Then install the stairwell close to their bedrooms.

Save Space

Optimizing space use is always a good idea no matter your home’s design or layout. And if you have an older home with an unfinished basement, then odds are that you don’t have a lot of space to spare. And if you have a modern home with a finished basement, then you likely want to keep the extra space open for other purposes. Whichever the case may be, the small footprint of a spiral staircase will match your basement needs. The footprint is the floor space occupied by the bottom of the stair. So picture a vertical cylinder going up and down with the same width and height as the stair you want. That’s the space you will need to dedicate to the stair, and with a spiral staircase that space is a lot smaller than with a traditional straight stair.

Configure Your Spiral Stair

No two basements are exactly alike. And maybe you’ve put a lot of time and effort into the look of your basement. If so, you don’t want just any stair to fill a need, you want something that will complement and even enhance the look you’ve worked hard to create.

With a configurable spiral staircase, it’s a simple matter to match and enhance the look of your basement. Installing a spiral stair that gives you your choice of material and the ability to swap out separate pieces—such as spindles and handrails—for different styles and designs will allow you to both satisfy a need and personalize your décor. You can customize the look of a spiral stair to match your space’s theme and your personality.

Heighten Functionality

Hobby shops and workshops are common in basements as well. But the issue with a hobby or workshop, especially for one in your private home, is finding space for all the tools and materials you need to do your work. Not only do you need to save space you also want something that will stand up to harsh use. A spiral staircase with a small footprint made from galvanized steel could be the perfect direction for your workshop egress needs. The additional space you save will make it much easier to organize your tools and materials. The galvanized steel will be able to withstand the rugged abuse that comes with a home workshop. Plus, if your shop is one clients visit, having a steel stair with an industrial look can make a great impression about the hardworking and professional nature of your shop.

Besides material considerations, if the stair is for any type of workshop, you may consider a stair with a larger walking path (the open space between the outside of the center column and the inside of the handrail where you walk up and down the stairs) to give yourself more room for carrying tools and materials. A spiral stair gives you a clear walking path as large as a traditional stair’s yet takes up much less floor space. So you have the walking path needed for taking tools and materials up and down without sacrificing space needed for organizing your shop.

Whatever purpose your basement is for, a spiral stair is a great way to enhance its usability, atmosphere, and convenience of access. Going with a spiral stair can also accelerate completion of your project as a spiral stair is a lot easier and faster to install than a traditional stair. So you can enjoy your basement space or get to work in your shop a lot sooner, which lets you worry more about how to enjoy your basement and less about how to make it accessible.

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