Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends Perfect for a Spiral Staircase

“Small” Look Staircase

It’s no mystery that space is at a premium when it comes to real estate, especially in more urban areas. That applies to indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Which means any indoor or outdoor design decisions will have to take this fact into account. That entails capitalizing on what many designers call the “small look.” Which makes the small structural footprint of a compact spiral staircase ideal.

To do this, each element occupying your small space needs to be compact and, not just useful, but multi-functional useful. A spiral staircase does this because it is both a solid and reliable means of moving between floors and a unique decorative element that can set or complete a theme with curved edges and shapes.

Outdoor Dining/Alfresco Staircase

Alfresco dining spaces in your own yard is another design element more want in their landscaping. Many also want their outdoor/alfresco dining to feel more secluded or separate from the rest of the house, which means going out of the way to create a separate structure just for outdoor dining purposes. Something like a raised gazebo or deck with exclusive access via an aluminum spiral staircase would provide just the sort of luxury resort, alfresco dining feeling you want to create. The act of climbing the staircase will feel like transporting into a vacation getaway.

Craftsman Staircase

Paying more attention to the details in each structural element occupying an outdoor space is also becoming more important. You want to achieve that artisan’s or craftsman’s look, so each component needs to contribute to that. So in addition to decorating your yard with a tasteful selection of pieces that look as though made by hand, you might also consider installing an aluminum spiral staircase with wood components. The addition of wood treads and a handrail made with the outdoor wood species of your choice is the perfect way to generate that desirable, handcrafted look.

Scandinavian Staircase

Another idea popular in outdoor and indoor designs right now is what’s called Scandinavian design. There are several elements and patterns that can result from this design route, but two core ideas embodied by this approach are bright (a shade of white) colors and minimalist décor. A spiral staircase with a white powder coat (or any light color) finish is the perfect addition to a Scandinavian design theme. Plus, you can combine Scandinavian with craftsman by custom configuring a white powder coated spiral staircase complete with wood handrail and treads made from a light colored wood species.

Active Play Space Staircase

Outfitting your backyard with a more unique, active play space for your kids, or even for yourself if you’re a kid at heart, is another trend gaining popularity. Any backyard play area with depth and higher re-usability is a multi-level play area. Just take into account classic backyard play elements like treehouses. So incorporating a spiral staircase for recreational purpose is a no-brainer for setups like this. The winding shape of a spiral staircase integrates well into a play area, not just because of its use as a safe means of moving up and down between play stations and levels, but because of its whimsical look which results from its winding shape. These dual benefits go back to the first design trend of installing multi-functional pieces as well, further emphasizing the value of a spiral staircase in your active play space.

However you look at it, a spiral staircase makes a great addition to any modern outdoor design trend both in looks and function. Let Paragon Stairs put together your perfect outdoor staircase solution for your next project.

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