Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Spiral Stair Platform

Platform Safety

Paragon offers a variety of differently styled and shaped spiral stair platforms such as our pie/90 degree wedge platforms, 60 degree angle platforms, and square platforms to make it easy for you to install your stair wherever is most convenient and maintain an optimum level of safety. These differently shaped stair platforms mean your top tread (step) can approach the top floor at a different angle while still giving you a flush match between the back edge of your platform and the front edge of the upper floor. This range of angles means easier entry point configuration for you (the direction at which you enter the top or bottom step of the stair). It also means an overall more stable structure thanks to a clean connection between your stair and the mounting surface. That surface can either be an existing surface like the face of a loft or one you create by cutting a well entry through whichever portion of the upper floor offers the most convenient access.

The ability to choose your entry and exit points (determined by the rotation degree of the stair itself) also makes it easier to mesh your spiral stair with your existing layout seamlessly. So you can either design your space to feature the spiral stair prominently, or tuck the spiral stair back into an out-of-the-way nook removed from sight yet still providing convenient access.

In addition to providing convenient access, Paragon can build each platform type to meet your local code requirements in terms of walking path width. This makes it easy for you to satisfy any safety considerations you may have for your project. Furthermore, your platform doesn’t necessarily have to act as an extended step that simply takes you from the last spiral stair tread to the surface of your upper floor.

Maybe there’s a structure or other obstacle directly in front of the point where you wish to mount your platform that you can’t move or don’t wish to because of the aesthetic value it offers your atmosphere. If you wish to install your spiral stair several feet or more away from the face of your upper level—then Paragon can build a platform that acts as more of a walkway to span over the structure. An extended walkway like this offers great value in an industrial environment where you might have to traverse over equipment or would like to provide employees or facility touring clients with a bird’s eye view of a process.

In keeping with code needs such as sufficiently wide walking paths, Paragon also offers “resting” platforms, a wider step meant for placement every so many feet if your stair is particularly high. This is another feature that may come in especially handy for industrial application spiral staircases, fire escape stairs covering several floor, or utility access stairs. Such a high stair doesn’t necessarily have to apply to more commercial uses, though—a multistory stair connecting three or more floors in a residential structure can also easily call for a resting platform.

Platform and Railing Design

Regardless of your platform needs, Paragon makes it an easy matter to match your railing with that of the rest of your stair, for a seamless, uniform look that flows through your entire structure. We also offer more than one side of railing when needed to ensure the safety level of your stair meets any use even beyond code. So you’re not limited to placing your stair against a wall.

Platform Material

Besides balusters and railing style, Paragon will also match the material of your resting and landing platforms to the rest of your stair. So if you choose all Brazilian cherry for your stair, your platforms will be Brazilian cherry. That goes for other indoor materials such as primed steel and outdoor materials such as aluminum and galvanized steel. Which means your platform can be as beautiful and/or weather-resistant as the rest of your stair.

Your consultative designer can go over your space and project’s needs to find the right platform. Whether you’re doing a well cut, face mount, or if you’re not sure what your rotation requirements are, Paragon’s goal is to ensure you get the right type of platform. Even if your project has a special need like a walkway style platform, we can still take the time to custom create a platform with the dimensions to match your space perfectly.

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