Stair Rotation

Paragon offers two types of spiral stair rotations: Left-Hand Up and Right-Hand Up. It’s important to choose the rotation that best suits the layout of your space as rotation directly affects the orientation of your stair’s entry/exit points.

Left-Hand vs Right-Hand Stair Rotation

Basically, the hand that you would reach out with to grab the handrail (banister) determines whether you would need a left-hand or right-hand spiral stair. So as you approach the stair, if you reach out with your left hand to grab the handrail and start walking up the stairs then you would need a Left-Hand Up rotation. Similarly, if you were to reach out with your right hand to grab the handrail, you will need a Right-Hand Up staircase.

If you have questions on rotation or if you have floor plans, pictures or any other information about your space please contact our friendly Customer Support team and they will be able to tell you whether you need a left or right rotation.

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