Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Spiral Stair Balusters

Baluster Styles

At Paragon Stairs, balusters (the vertical rods that connect the handrail to the steps)—also known as spindles or banisters—provide an opportunity to customize the look and feel of your stair thanks to beautiful materials like wood and wrought iron. These materials also let you choose the location of your spiral stair like primed steel for indoor lofts or galvanized steel for outdoor decks.

In addition to galvanized steel, another prime option for outdoor deck application is an aluminum baluster. Paragon’s aluminum balusters are incredibly resilient to all weather conditions and come with the added benefit of powder coating. With powder coating, you can choose a color for your baluster that matches your outdoor space perfectly. While powder coating comes standard in black, you can select any color you desire from the Pantone color matching system thanks to our complete and proprietary finishing work.

Similarly, the indoor material of standard primed steel for your baluster can come painted the custom color of your choice, also from the Pantone color matching system. Alternatively, if you’re a DIYer, the fact that the baluster comes primed means you can paint it a custom color on your own.

More than color choices, with Paragon you can also mix and match your baluster selection in order to create a more unique and custom look for your spiral stair. Choose any three from Paragon’s broad spectrum of designs or stick to just one design for a more uniform and simplistic look—whichever best suits your personal taste.

Baluster Safety

Aside from the style element, there’s also the added benefit of safety offered by balusters. Paragon provides you with the choice of anywhere from zero to three center balusters (each step has a baluster at the front edge and back edge—any balusters between these two are center balusters. The more center balusters, the narrower the gaps between them). The more center balusters you choose, the safer your stair will be. Center balusters may or may not be a necessary level of safety for your situation, though, depending on whether or not your stair needs to meet code and on what members in your household need to use the stair.

For instance, if you have small children or small pets in your household that will use the stair, you may want more center balusters for smaller gaps. With too few balusters, there is a small chance that a child or small dog may be able to fit their head in the larger gap. If this happens, you may find yourself in need of a new single baluster. Luckily, when you buy your spiral stair from us, Paragon sells single replacement balusters to match the rest of your stair, and buying just one for replacement purposes makes it easy to keep baluster cost down.

Furthermore, because Paragon’s spiral stairs are easy to install on your own with basic tools, replacing a single is also a simple matter. So your stair will be back to normal soon. To better avoid the potential need for replacements, you might consider buying more center balusters to begin with.

Balusters can add decorative elements to your stair frame. Again, our forged iron line comes in cage ball, feather, scroll, and more. Our all wood line also comes in either simplistic contemporary designs or more elaborate looks to make it easy to set just the right tone for your stair.

If your home does not have small children, small pets, or elderly members, then you may have the flexibility to go with a more open look with fewer center balusters to match a more minimalist décor theme.

This open concept for a spiral stair is a great approach for any contemporary space like an urban chic apartment in a metro area. And the contemporary space doesn’t have to be a residence, it can be a commercial space too. An open air design spiral stair would make a great addition to an art studio or a café. The atmosphere of any fashion-forward space could easily benefit from a spiral stair with a modern, sleek look. And Paragon provides balusters with basic tube designs as well as the more ornate options to satisfy your minimalist style.

The effectiveness of any look you try to achieve with your space is in the details. Those details are the individual pieces and components that make up your space, and with a spiral stair, one of those individual, and important, components is the balusters. This accessory lets you customize the open or closed look, the safety, the color, the indoor or outdoor functionality, and how ornate or simple your stair is. So a manufacturer like Paragon Stairs with options to satisfy all of these looks and applications is a perfect choice for you baluster needs.

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