Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Lake House Stair

Not unlike a beach house, a lake house represents a significant investment as a home away from home. Except the purpose of your lake house is to be much more luxurious and relaxing than your year-round residence. That makes having everything in smooth working order—even down to simple functionality for moving between floors—incredibly important. The smoother the simple operations of your shore house work, the easier it is for you to focus on relaxing.

Part of that simple functionality includes easy, yet attractive, access between all floor both inside and out. A great solution for that access is a spiral staircase.

Balcony View

Part of what brings out the relaxation in a lake house is the portrait-worthy view right in your backyard. To absorb this to the full potential, you may have a second floor balcony with a small table and chair setup to enjoy early morning coffee, breakfast, a light read, and the sunrise over the lake and fog. You may also want to be able to leave that balcony to get closer to the dock or some other lakeside spot for a closer view after enjoying your morning read, breakfast, or coffee. You may also want to get closer without first having to go back inside and downstairs through the house. An exterior galvanized spiral staircase is the perfect application for this situation.

The weathered look of a battle-ship gray galvanized stair may offer just the right aesthetic to blend with the charm of a small balcony, too, making it a great functional and aesthetic choice.

Rooftop Deck Access

Other structural features your lake house may have include a rooftop deck. This offers the same bird’s eye view of your beautiful backyard, but with more room for entertaining guests staying at or visiting your lake house as opposed to the more intimate setting offered by a small balcony. That doesn’t make it any less valuable for you to install convenient exterior access.

Plus, you can take the opportunity to make your spiral stair a show-worthy piece for all of your guests to view and admire as they ascend to your rooftop deck. Creating a show-worthy piece like this is easy with a white powder coated, aluminum spiral stair accented with the right outdoor wood species for the treads.

Diving Board Access

Your lake house is for relaxation, true, but it’s also for recreation. A common source of fun at a lake house is a diving board into the lake. If you would like this to be the case for your lake house, then you may consider creating the safe access you need to the diving board with a galvanized spiral staircase. In addition to the galvanized aspect, though, you’ll likely also want to include diamond plat or fan cut treads to make it easier and safer to maintain traction even with wet feet going up and down the stair.

Your lake may also come with a multi-level dock for a boat. If that’s the case, a galvanized stair still works as a great way of connecting your two dock levels. Such a stair also works well for easy boarding access for your boat when docked. Plus the nautical look works so well in this setting.

Bunk Bed Access

In terms of indoor applications for your lake house, one common use may be for your guest quarters. It’s not rare to set up guest rooms with the intention of sleeping more than one or two guests, several more even. That’s because lake houses and other vacation homes are intended to service entire families or more at times. So, your guest room may be outfitted with a bunk bed or bunk beds. In this case, an all wood spiral stair may be an excellent solution. You may also consider a primed steel spiral stair if the theme of your lake house is a little more modern. Both can easily provide the look you want and the safe access you need to bunk beds for your guests.

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