Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Rooftop Access Spiral Stair

Utility Access Staircases

Providing access to your commercial building’s rooftop utilities with a staircase that does everything you need is a hard task. You want as much floor space as possible free to enhance the experience of clients in your office or tenants in your apartment building. Paragon helps you accomplish this with industrial strength, rooftop stairs. With one of our galvanized spiral staircases, you have utility access that will last for years and connect every floor in your building, keeping transport between levels streamlined.

OSHA Staircases

In addition to durability, a Paragon roof access spiral stair meets OSHA requirements in all parameters. We can make stairs with whatever diameter you require for your employees, whether you need something large for an open floor warehouse or small to tuck away for fuse box access. We also customize hand railing systems with features such as double railing to accommodate people of varying heights equally. Plus, Paragon Stairs offers custom sized stair platforms, landing and resting, to meet your project needs exactly.

As an example, you may have a utility access point, like a fuse box, between floors. Paragon has the ability to install an extra platform that matches with the height of that fuse box between floors on the side of the building. So your maintenance man or other staff member can work on that fuse box safely with the added foot space offered by a platform.

Roof Hatch Access

Using a spiral stair for your roof access gives you the additional advantage of freedom of placement for the stair. A traditional stair might limit your options as far as placement because you have to work with the floorplan. A spiral stair’s small footprint gives you much more mobility, especially if your top level has an open floor plan. You can place the stair where it is most convenient for you. So long as you place it under a portion of the roof you don’t mind cutting out to install a well cut with a roof hatch.

Plus, installing a roof hatch means an opportunity for letting in more natural light, which is a great way to augment a room’s modern, open feel. Such a hatch is great day or night as it can let in sunlight over a breakfast bar in the morning or soft moonlight over a small table for two in the evening.

Spiral Staircase vs Retractable Ladder

A rooftop access spiral stair will provide you with stability and compactness desired for discreet utility access. Though a standard retractable ladder can offer a good level of stability with even greater compactness. It’s more a matter of if you’re trying to achieve a certain look or not with your rooftop stairs. And that’s certainly easier to do with a customized stair than with a ladder.

If you have a code roof access spiral staircase, it will also be convenient in terms of walking comfort and ability to carry items up and down the stairs. That ability to carry items up and down the steps may be especially handy if you have a rooftop deck or garden and wish to entertain guests with a summer BBQ or by a fire pit with a few drinks.

Rooftop Bar or Restaurant Access

Aside from residential uses, a roof access spiral stair can be a highly functional addition to any bar, restaurant, club, or other nightlife location with roof seating and entertainment. Picture the amount of personality you can add to the façade of your establishment with an exterior roof access spiral stair. It’s a great way to make your restaurant or bar stand out and get people to come in off the street as they pass by. Your restaurant or social hot spot will also be more memorable, which means more repeat clients.

Fire Escape Staircase

With exterior rooftop stairs, you also have an excellent fire escape stair that connects all floors. Installing an exterior spiral stair is both an easy and effective way to comply with any fire code needs as a commercial establishment. You can install one on any commercial building including multi-family buildings such as condos or even high-rise apartment buildings. Current and potential tenants will feel more secure knowing they have access to such a safe and reliable fire escape stair if needed, which adds value to your property.

Rooftop Parking Access

An additional use of a rooftop access spiral stair is a parking garage of any kind. Whether it be just a city, mall, apartment, or even an airport parking garage, a spiral stair makes access easy. The slim structural profile of a spiral stair means more space for parking while providing reliable transport between floors for parking patrons.

Paragon can custom create the rooftop access staircase solution you need for any commercial or residential use, be it interior or exterior access. Ask us about ornate designs meant for connecting a few floors and catching the eye to draw clients from the street or multi-floor designs meant to provide safe and spacious working conditions for utility access maintenance personnel.

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