Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Playroom Staircase

Bunkbed Staircase

At Paragon Stairs, we understand that, while spiral staircases can be highly functional, there is also such a thing as a recreational spiral staircase. The twisting shape of a spiral stair plus its space saving nature and potential affiliation with historical and fantastical themes makes it the perfect structure for creating a fun retreat in your home or yard for children and adults alike.

A spiral stair is an easy way to create a focal point in an indoor playroom or rec room for small children. Picture using an all wood spiral stair up to a loft area while also painting a fun mural with a dragon or some other whimsical medieval vista on the wall around or behind where you place the stair. Any child walking into such a scene will immediately go into play mode. Going up and down the stairs will not only give them easy access to play areas, but mentally transport them for hours of imaginative play. They’ll feel like they’re ascending castle walls. Or use that same wood stair with a jungle scene painted on the walls and suddenly they’re climbing into a rain forest tree house.

Reading Nook Staircase

That same phenomenon of feeling taken can easily work for several other types of fun areas in your household. Areas that may otherwise see little use. Turn window seat spaces into fun reading nooks without disrupting space and structures around thanks to the small structural footprint of the spiral stair. A reading nook stair can mentally transport adults as well as children—so installing such a space is something that will have lasting value in your home well into your child’s teen years. And it would be easy to generate an old world atmosphere for your reading space with a forged iron spiral stair outfitted with the right ornate balusters.

If you have several children and really need to make the best use of space, then a bunkbed setup with spiral stair access is also a great idea. A spiral stair also provides much safer access than a traditional ladder for bunkbeds. You don’t have to use the spiral stair for a strict bunkbed application either; a bed-over-desk setup with a spiral stair is still a great way to give your child a fun work and play area while still using space efficiently.

Treehouse Staircase

In addition to inside your house, another example of an otherwise unused space is your garage loft space. This may typically be for storage, but if you replace the inconvenient ladder with a sturdy steel spiral stair, that space could become a little escape space for hobbies or maybe even a complete apartment.

Moving from indoors to outdoors, a galvanized or aluminum spiral staircase is also a great way to give your children easy and safe access to a real treehouse. The ability to create a theme with a spiral stair also works just as well outdoors as in. A spiral stair is a great way to complete a pirate or castle theme so kids feel like they’re actually climbing the castle walls or on deck. Plus a spiral staircase would be considerably safer than a traditional ladder or rope access you might see in several treehouses.

This same idea applies to a new trend for what are pretty much indoor treehouses. Perma-forts are a rising trend in playrooms and basements around the country. A growing concern for these limited-access play spaces is safe entry and exit. Elevated forts, such as treehouses and perma-forts, often utilize ladders, stepladders, makeshift ladders, rope ladders, ropes, or box steps as means for entry. Aside from the inherit risks of using a ladder or box steps which aren’t anchored to the ground and elevated platform, these traditional access points are ugly. A DIY spiral staircase is a relatively inexpensive solution which is not only safer, but also better looking and more fun for kids. Parents can use the stairs as well, so they will no longer have to worry about gaining access to children in the event of an emergency

Park Staircase

A recreational spiral stair doesn’t have to be just for a home, either. As several of Paragon’s past projects demonstrate, you can expand a spiral stair to commercial level.

A metro zoo makes the ideal location for a large galvanized stair. One or several in strategic locations would not only make accessing different exhibits around a zoo a lot simpler, it would also go back to the idea of transporting the mind to a more fun place. Picture how much more fun children could have in a zoo if they feel like they’re climbing around like some of the other monkeys they see.

Adventure parks and ropes courses are another perfect application for a large scale, galvanized recreational spiral staircase. And since Paragon will custom configure your stair and platforms as needed, it’s an easy matter to connect all of your separate challenge stations with a single, streamlined stair.

Inside or out, playtime or relaxation time, child or adult, a recreational spiral stair provides the perfect enhancement to a space. Let Paragon elevate your fun time and make your little getaway unforgettable.

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