Spiral Staircase Indoor DIY Kit – The Huntsman

$985.00 (Ships in 1-2 Weeks)
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Price based on the following dimensions and options:

  • 3ft 6in Diameter
  • 7’1″-7’11” Adjustable Height
  • Vinyl Handrail
  • Smooth Steel Finish
  • 1 Platform Rail
  • DIY Install Prefab Kit

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  • Ships in 1-2 Weeks
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Spiral Staircase Indoor DIY Kit – The Huntsman

Your Stair Solution: Consultatively Designed to Your Style and Budget

Regardless of your budget, your stairs should meet your expectations in every way. That is why we offer the world’s largest selection of straight and spiral stairs and the industry’s most consultative design experience. In our Free, No Obligation Consultation our team will uncover your needs and wants, while insuring you find exactly what you need and want before you buy.

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Spiral Stairs
Straight Stairs


Tier 1 spiral stairs are defined by their easy assemble and straight forward designs. These DIY ready spiral staircases are the perfect fit for a quick solution.


Simple elegance defines the design in our Tier 2 spiral staircase pricing. This range includes both indoor and outdoor designs to ensure your needs are met.


Custom design options take our Tier 3 spiral stairs to the next level. We offer solid wood accents and custom color finishes for your ideal spiral stair.


Tier 4 spiral staircase pricing includes handcrafted wood spiral stairs and decorative details. These highly custom designs fit residential and commercial spaces.


Tier 1 staircase pricing features steel modular staircase kits that are shipped straight to your door. The in-stock design means fast shipping and easy installation.


Tier 2 staircases include the same easy-to-install modular staircase kit with some custom enhancements, including modern cable railing and solid wood accents.


Custom floating stairs fit into Paragon’s Tier 3 staircase pricing. Choose your each part of your staircase design to fit your project’s style and needs.


Make a statement with the custom double stringer floating stairs or multi level mono stringer stair systems in our Tier 4 staircase pricing.

Tier 1

Most Popular Spiral Tier 1 Stairs

Spiral Tier 1 Budget Solutions

Find a quick and easy solution for your next project. Tier 1 spiral stairs balance the high quality that you expect from Paragon and low spiral staircase prices. Every design goes through an in-house engineering review process to ensure safety and stability. Our DIY stairs are backed by the same lifetime warranty as our custom staircases.

The versatility of our Tier 1 stairs, paired with quick shipment and easy installation, make them the right fit for any project looking for a quick and reliable solution.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 2

Spiral Tier 2 Budget Solutions

The Tier 2 spiral staircase prices include some sleek designs that elevate your project’s style. Clean lines are paired with simple accents to create a spiral staircase that fits into your space. Paragon provides both indoor and outdoor spiral stairs that fit into this pricing tier, making it easy to find a staircase for your project and budget.

Weatherproof finishes and simple wood accents make it easy to find a spiral staircase within your budget. Browse our Tier 2 products below.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 3

Most Popular Spiral Tier 3 Stairs

Spiral Tier 3 Budget Solutions

Create a staircase that meets your project’s exact needs with Paragon’s Tier 3 spiral stairs. Designs within this pricing tier feature solid wood accents and custom finishes to create unique staircases. Spanning across several product lines, you are sure to find the right solution for your space.

Decorative elements, such as spindles and custom color finishes, allow you to put your personal touch on the final product. Browse our Tier 3 spiral stairs below.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 4

Most popular Spiral Tier 4 Stairs

Spiral Tier 4 Budget Solutions

Tier 4 is made up of highly customized spiral staircases for both residential and commercial projects. Tailor your staircase pricing and design to meet your projects needs with over 5,000 design options that span indoor and outdoor spaces.

These staircases are able to span a wide range of styles, from modern cable railing to industrial utility staircases. Browse Paragon’s Tier 4 spiral stairs to find the right custom design for you.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 1

Most Popular Straight Tier 1 Stairs

Straight Tier 1 Budget Solutions

Our straight forward modular kit stairs are perfect for projects that need a quick stair solution without sacrificing quality. The steel modular staircase kit includes the same engineering features and backed by the industry’s only lifetime warranty.

Our Tier 1 staircase kit is versatile enough to fit any indoor project, including garages and DIY renovations. Call now for your free consultation!



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 2

Most Popular Straight Tier 2 Stairs

Straight Tier 2 Budget Solutions

Add a timeless piece to your home with low cost. The Tier 2 staircases are the same easy assembly kit with upgrades to finish and design accents. Solid wood pieces accent the steel frame for a timeless design. Our standard powder coating finish gives you the option of classic color combinations.

With over a dozen available wood species and custom railing options, you can create the right modular stair kit for your space and budget.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 3

Most Popular Straight Tier 3 Stairs

Straight Tier 3 Budget Solutions

Paragon’s designs in Tier 3 pricing feature simple elegance with a mono stringer frame and sleek cable railing. We offer over a dozen wood species so you can find the right match for your aesthetic. Each handcrafted piece is custom measured to fit your project’s specifications.

Browse our Tier 3 staircases to find a custom mono stringer staircase that meets your expectations.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

Tier 4

Most Popular Straight Tier 4 Stairs

Straight Tier 4 Budget Solutions

Paragon Stairs provides completely custom staircases for both residential and commercial spaces. Our multi level stair systems and grand double stringer stairs are completely customizable to meet your needs. We offer over a dozen wood species, as well as custom railing options for your project.

Browse the wide range of Tier 4 products and customize them with your ideal design accents to meet your project’s needs and budget.



Learn more about the options available for each product line below:

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