Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Alayna needed a space-saving way to access her new shoe closet

With Paragon Stairs, you can be confident that you will get personalized attention and world-class customer service every time. Paragon’s consultative design experience puts your needs at the focus of your project. Our friendly stair experts work with you to create your dream staircase the first time, no do-overs required. The unique process includes a live web meeting where you can see real-time changes made to your design. From decorative spindles to different wood species and finish options, you can design a one-of-a-kind staircase that matches your vision. All Paragon staircases are held to strict in-house safety and quality standards and come with a gold-standard warranty on all products.

“Thank you, Paragon Stairs!”

client indoor spiral staircase

The Challenge

Alayna, a shoe-loving fashionista who lives in Arizona, had a growing shoe collection with little to no space left to expand it. That is when she decided to take things to the next level, literally. She decided to add a mezzanine level to her master closet by creating a small alcove in the wall above her existing closet to store more of her boots, sandals, strappy heels, and chunky wedges. Once the alcove was built and shelves had been added, Alayna needed a way to access her second level shoe closet without having to use an unsightly and inconvenient ladder. She needed something safe to use when carrying shoes and boxes up and down and when wearing stilettos or flip-flops, and she wanted it to be complementary to the existing design of her closet.

The Process

Alayna contacted Paragon to discuss her unique closet project, and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives helped her design her dream indoor spiral staircase for her dream master closet and shoe alcove. Her sales representative walked her through getting the measurements and photos needed to get started on her project, and helped design her new staircase. She was even able to see how the staircase would look in her space before purchasing with a 3-D rendering. With a staircase in the closet, space both above and below are at a premium, so keeping the footprint small was critical. She and her design consultant agreed that a spiral staircase would be the best fit for her project.

client indoor spiral staircase

The Staircase Design

With the help and guidance of Paragon’s sales representative, Alayna decided on the Expedition Spiral Staircase to keep the footprint as small as possible and to fit with the style of her existing closet. A spiral staircase was the perfect choice for Alayna’s closet since she wanted an easy way to access her shoes without having to climb up and down a ladder every day. It was also important that the steps had some tread on them since she would be carrying items up and down frequently, so she settled on the diamond plate tread as a safety feature.

The Results

Alayna now has all the room she needs for her ever-growing shoe collection, and she can access the mezzanine level of her closet easily without using a cumbersome ladder. “It was super easy to install,” said Alayna. The Expedition Spiral Staircase looks great in her closet and has a very small footprint so that the functionality of the main closet is unaffected. She was also able to completely personalize her spiral by adding some fun fringe to the railing to fit perfectly into her space. And the tread on the stair steps means she can safely carry shoes and boxes up and down the stairs without worrying about slipping.

Why Paragon?

Alayna loved how simple and easy the process was. Between the fast and easy ordering process and the simple and straightforward installation, Alayna was able to complete her closet expansion project with no trouble at all. Paragon offered many customizable options to suit Alayna’s needs, and she was even able to customize her staircase further after install by adding decorative fringe to the vinyl handrail. Paragon offers unparalleled quality and durability for all staircases, and with the unique parameters of Alayna’s project, she got all that and world class customer service, too.

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