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Paragon puts our customers at the center of our process. Each staircase is custom designed and manufactured to meet your project’s needs. Our design and customer service teams have helped over 50,000 satisfied customers find their perfect stair while providing best in class service and experience. Learn more about our customers’ unique projects and their Paragon stair solutions.

Configurable Options

Paragon specializes in custom stair solutions for unique projects and spaces. Choose from our wide range of configurable options to craft a staircase that meets your vision. Each part of your staircase is customizable to match the rest of your space. Paragon individually manufactures each piece to meet your design’s exact specifications guaranteeing the right fit. Depending upon your chosen product line, you have a choice of different material accents, spindles, and finishes.

Consultative Process

From the first phone call, your project is assigned to a consultative designer. Your stair designer acts as project manager and makes certain that your staircase is the right fit for your space. Once your stair design is reviewed by our in-house engineers, it goes to production. Once it’s manufactured and shipped straight to your project site, our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to answer any questions you have.

Straight and Spiral Staircases

Paragon Stairs provides staircases guaranteed to meet your needs. Our products include both straight and spiral stairs available in a variety of materials. Paragon offers metal, wood, and combination staircases. Your consultative designer can take you through each design choice to find the right match for your project.

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