Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Great price, small footprint, and easy installation!

With Paragon Stairs, you can be confident that you will get personalized attention and world-class customer service every time without paying a premium for it. Paragon’s consultative design experience puts your needs at the focus of your project. Our friendly stair experts work with you to create your dream staircase the first time, no do-overs required. The unique process includes a live web meeting where you can see real-time changes made to your design. You’ll be surprised by how economical it is to put a brand new staircase in your home. Whether you need a staircase that will weather the elements year round in an outdoor space or you need a beautiful indoor staircase that will look great with your existing decor, Paragon has options for all your needs. And you don’t need to be a licensed contractor to install your Paragon staircase. Every staircase is designed for you to install yourself, even if you have no prior experience with DIY home renovations. And our world-class customer service team is here to help you through any potential challenges from beginning to end.

client on outdoor spiral staircase

The Challenge

Derek wanted a staircase that would connect his rear balcony to his concrete patio in his backyard. He was certain that a standard straight staircase would not work because he wanted a staircase with a small footprint so that his yard space would not be impacted. Outdoor space is at a premium in his home, so having as small a footprint as possible was absolutely critical. It was important to Derek that the staircase be both elegant and functional while fitting within his budget. Since it would be an outdoor staircase, it needed to be able to withstand rain, heat, and humidity without rusting or degrading while also being beautiful and complementary to the existing structure.

The Process

Derek did extensive research before he contacted Paragon to find the perfect staircase for his needs. He received quotes from several staircase companies including Paragon. When he began the process, with Paragon, of designing and purchasing his personalized outdoor staircase, he spoke with one of Paragon’s knowledgeable sales representatives, who helped design his stairs and made sure Derek ended up with a staircase that fit his needs and budget and that looked great. Derek loved that his sales representative was able to provide a drawing of the staircase so he could see exactly how it would look before deciding to purchase.” It was a great experience dealing with them either on the phone or through the internet, it was awesome,” he said.

client outdoor spiral staircase

The Staircase Design

Derek decided on our Galvanized Steel model to be installed into his home in Alberta, Canada. The footprint of this staircase is one of the smallest options that Paragon offers at just 3.5ft diameter. Since his spiral staircase would be outside, he wanted to ensure it would be able to withstand years of rain, heat, humidity, and snow. Our Galvanized Steel model is a great choice for outdoor durability without sacrificing style. And the small diameter means that Derek still has full use of his outdoor garden area without sacrificing space for his new spiral staircase.

The Results

Derek now has a beautiful and functional outdoor staircase leading from his ground level patio to his upstairs balcony. He installed it himself, although he did need a few more pairs of hands to help with holding up the landing during the installation process. “I’m not that handy, but it was easy to put together,” he said. The Galvanized Steel staircase was able to be painted to match his existing structure, and the staircase looks stylish and is durable enough to last for years in Alberta’s varied and sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Why Paragon?

Paragon’s competitive pricing is what convinced Derek to choose us. He received quotes from several other companies for a new staircase for his home, and Paragon’s price was well below every other quote he received. He was also very happy that Paragon ships to Canada despite being an American company. As many Canadians know, finding American companies that can ship to Canada without charging exorbitant shipping rates can be very nearly impossible sometimes. “We couldn’t be happier,” said Derek.

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