Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Our Build Your Stair tool puts the design in your hands by taking you through each decision.

Build Your Stair

Straight Staircase Building Code

Paragon makes meeting code a simple matter thanks to our wide gamut of product lines at varying price points. So you can meet code while staying within budget and matching the stair to your style.


Code Available in Several Lines

Paragon Stairs offers you a wide variety of straight stair styles that are both safe and code compliant in all parameters. This spectrum of safe and code compliant lines makes it easy for you to find a stair that not only suits your specific safety needs, but also fits with your decorative desires.

If your straight stair safety needs include anything unusual, Paragon’s engineers can custom make safety features so you receive the ideal stair.


Code within Budget

Price concerns come into play with any stair purchase. Lower budgets should not mean the sacrifice of necessary safety features and the ability to meet code requirements. Paragon provides the features you need within every budget range so you can eliminate one more concern during the stair purchase process.

You can satisfy local code needs with everything from Paragon’s economy level straight stair kits to our custom cut mono stringer stairs.


Code Features

Paragon incorporates such code considerations as headroom of 6’ 8”, clear width between opposing walls on either side of walking path of at least 36”, and handrail to handrail clearance of at least 27” in the case of two handrails and handrail to wall clearance of at least 31 ½” in the case of one handrail for walking comfort needs.

Paragon also applies such features as handrail projections of no more than 4 ½”, equivalent graspability for different handrail styles and shapes, handrail heights between 34” and 38”, and handrail wall clearance of at least 1 1/2″ to accommodate hand comfort needs. These considerations apply to all straight railing types. Paragon stair lines also come with proper landing dimensions, riser gaps no greater than 4”, and more.


Local Authority

Local building code authorities determine whether or not your stair project needs to meet code. They also determine what those code requirements are. Make sure you check with your local authorities to educate yourself on those requirements and the needs of your specific project before contacting Paragon Stairs. This knowledge helps Paragon’s representative understand what your needs are and how to best meet them with the perfect straight stair.


Made for Your Needs

When it comes down to it, you know your personal stair needs better than Paragon and local building code authorities. Bring whatever knowledge you have to the table during your one-on-one consultation session with a Paragon designer and your ideal straight stair will come to life. If you have unusual or limiting measurement requirements, a family member with specific physical needs, or anything that might affect the structure of the stair, let Paragon know.

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