How Do I Select the Right Stair?

It is important to choose a stair that fits all of the parameters of your project, not just in terms of literal space, but also in terms of style, proper materials, and concerns such as safety. Paragon makes this selection process easy by providing all of the information you need to educate yourself on every aspect of a stair. This way you have the resource tools you need to know the stair you choose satisfies everything you need and want.

What is a Stringer?

The stringer is the angled support beam on which your treads and risers rest. Paragon gives you the option of either a double or mono stringer stair. These stringers can be custom cut and welded to match the dimensions of any space, giving you perfectly flush corner stairs in even the most unique of rooms. While traditional stairs have a closed look, our stairs offer a “floating” open look for a modern feel. We also offer “block” stringers for DIY kit projects at a more economical rate.

How Do I Choose Railing ?

Railing offers an opportunity to play with the look and style of your stair, but it’s also a key safety feature. Paragon offers a sleek cable railing option for all three of our straight stair lines (double stringer, mono stringer, and economy) but we also offer a panel railing option with our economy to give a more closed traditional look.

Stair Platforms

With every space being unique in terms of dimension and shape, Paragon offers platforms custom made to whatever stringer stair configuration you desire. Combine stair precise platform placement with custom cut stair stringers and you have a stair that not only fits within you space, but a stair that meshes with the environment better than the most custom fit glove. From tight corner stairs to multi-level stairs, you’ll find the right stair with our comprehensive design process.

What Meets Code?

Paragon makes it easy to meet code while sticking to your personal style by offering several options that meet this need. Such options include different handrails that meet the code requirement of equivalent graspability, a handrail height that’s between either 34” or 38”, and more. This handrail example is just one of the many code features available to you through our lines.